General weekly reading – 19th-25th June 2017 – Out from underneath the blockade. 

Numerological break down calculation – 19th – (10) – Endings & new beginnings, balancing polarised energies, the sync of masculine & feminine, death & rebirth, transformation, completion, creation & destruction – 25th – (7) – Spirituality, spiritual lessons, lessons learned through hardship, God consciousness, esotericsm, spiritual perfection. 10 + 7 = 17 1+7 = 8 – Karma, karmic laws, infinity, abundance, independence, financial expansion.  

So the spread this week looks a little differently, & I guess it wanted to come out that way, so I allowed it to.. You know me, never one to unnecessarily debate with the cards lol.

There are two main themes this week – the king of swords & the 2 of pentacles, suggesting that we are looking to cut away that which no longer serves us & having a clear direction about where we would like to go this week.

The new moon in cancer presents us with a powerful opportunity to see into our subconscious mind – the binds & the ties that still hold on to us so deeply from the past.

The new moon in Cancer presents us with a powerful opportunity to see into our subconscious mind – the binds & the ties that still hold on to us so deeply from the past, and it is time with the strength and conviction of the mind to overcome them.
A very ideal time for healing family issues and childhood wounding is now. With the annual fathers day celebrations that we just had last week, and the New moon in Cancer representing maternal instincts, motherhood, and the home, this has been a time of reconciling with lost parts ourselves, and digging up some of the past traumas that have led to certain relationship patterns and beliefs that have shaped our experiences in this life.
Many of us are coming to the stage where we are looking to go past our own constraints, not just in the areas of relationships, but also career, finance, and overall joy and quality of experience.
Any set backs, and areas that cause distraction are identified and weeded out with the power of the king of swords. This is clear thinking, clear doing, and clear communication. There may be people that you need to deliver a certain message to this week, and perhaps in order to do so you need to become clear about exactly what it is that you would like to tell them. A break may need to be taken from everyday routine, and life in order to truly decide what it is that you are going to do about this situation. Many of us feel as if we have infact reached a cross roads, and need to take action now to make this decision that will inevitably alter the next stage of our destiny. A decision needs to be made, and this decision may be to cut away at a 3rd party situation, as the 2 of pentacles can sometimes relate to juggling two people, and trying to make two parts work in a sync that has been causing you frustration, or occupying more time than you have to offer.

You may need to find a new calm and equilibrium in matters of the heart and affairs of finance. It no longer need be one or the other, and this is about the integration of masculine, and feminine energy – the mother and the father. It is okay to have emotional needs that need to be met, but it is equally important to ensure that your money does not suffer because of it. It is up to you to have this dominion, and to have this control over your own mind. The king of swords is powerful because he lets nothing command him, he has studied his own mind, and he knows how it works, he knows how it ticks, he knows what disables him, and he knows how to keep himself in check in order for him to do what he needs to do.

If previously your mind, or your mode of thinking has deterred you from progression, forward movement, or financial advancement, then this is the week that you say enough, is enough. You do not have time to waste as far as the 9 of pentacles is concerned. And this can also be a card of solitude, so if there are people and things that you need to put to the side in order to complete these goals, and tasks, then this week you will realise that you have no qualms about doing so.. This time is very much about YOU. Even though the Cancerian energy is centered around the focus of family and others, you realise that in order to be able to cater to anybody you need to have for yourself. You need to build this forte of protection, and you need to know what that will look like. The fog is clearing, and thank GOD for it, because blocks are being removed.
Peaceful, quiet time in meditation can be needed to get you back together, to get your mind back in alignment with your highest good, to see more clearly. I am picking up on the idea that many of us have these blockages that have been clouding our vision, and have been deterring us from going after the gold, and the glory, and the knight of swords charges in saying enough is enough one again. This is the week that we have to put the plans and ideas in place to do something about it. So many messages come to us once our minds are clear in this way, one we ALLOW this new information to actually pass through us. Perhaps even ideas about ways to generate further streams of income, ways to lessen our work load so that we can get more done, or so that we can balance this social or leisure life that we so desire.

The ace of wands is a powerful spiritual reboot and rejuvenation, there is a hunger for life, and a determination to experience more life now…And this change may appear as if it is happening pretty quickly. Things can shift in only a matter of seconds once you actually believe that they can change, you have to be open to this. Things are moving in the right direction this week, and you have to move with them, with as little resistance as possible toward what is being shown to you.
The knight of swords is the recognition and the realisation that actually comes to severe the ties of the 2 of pentacles.. Look at that infinity symbol in there. That is all about the laws of karma, and cause and effect and how things merge, and flow, and come together, much like the number 8 in numerology which represents the same, and as you can see from this weeks numerological calculation, AND the justice card, AND the world card sitting pretty to my left, we have a very karmic week in store. Now this is about recognition of karma so that we can break certain chains, and binds. Maybe karmic attachments are being chopped in to two pieces this week – bye bye to some lovers who have served their purpose, or friends, who have served their lessons. This back, and fourth, and to and fro for many of us needs to end. And this is the week we need to deliver this message because it is so urgent, and it is being delivered to us.
These two major arcanas, the justice card and the world card are everything together because they signify this big, cataclysmic ending. It is time for the scales to balance themselves out, and do expect some good karma to come your way once you clear what needs to be cleared. Cut it away. Something is ending because it has reached its time. Many of you have paid your karmic dos, and now you can walk away from certain things because you fixed this loop that was broken in the cycle. Perhaps something from a past life that you needed to know, and fully understand, and now you do. The world card takes wisdom with it when it leaves. Look at the figure in the card as she transcends the old world, and moves up into higher planes of existence. She’s watching the old world and its interactions as she moves upwards, still taking lessons from it – still watching what goes on beneath her. So this could be watching people who are still trapped in battles with their egos, whilst you wish to have nothing more to do with that world because it is exhausting, and non serving. But do not forget to take the lessons, integrate them, weave them into the book of life so that you can be done with this.
Justice – may be in the legal sense, some of us may be winning court cases, or battles with money, baby mama/baby father dramas to do with money, or the fair sharing of custody of the child, and perhaps now you can look towards the next stage of your life and put all of that behind you finally. It could be a divorce finalisation that allows you to be free once again, and if so – remember how this whole thing even started, remember how it got to where it did now. This is how you will not attract the same experience once more.
The angel prince of the south wants for us to allow ourselves again to be able to enjoy life.. Life was not meant to just come, and go, and pass us by as days, but this is what happens when we shut ourselves off from joy. When we start believing that life is supposed to be dull because this is the way that it has been for so long, and we just have to put up with it, or make excuses for it, or stop expecting so much from it – No. Life is to be enjoyed.


Divine lovers weekly – ‘God is my caterer, and I am full’.

tf weekly

This weeks divine lovers weekly is ALL about letting go, in the best way possible. The masculine zooms in on his insecurities, as God works with him about them. It’s a significant time for him, powered very heavily by this new moon, and the feminine goes through the motions to come out on the other side. She has to confront her feelings of abandonment and loneliness for her to actually realise, she is quite a queen this week.. So, the heat is turned up in the pressure cooker, but opposed to getting burned and sizzled to flames, both divine lovers are actually getting quite a tan, and coming out all the more better for it..Even more surrender is here.  Happy summer solstice. And happy rebirthing. Do not miss this beautiful reading, and I am not just saying that because of the financial worth for me because really this is the cheapest service that I have to offer, but the weight, and the impact that it brings, and the healing is uncanny… Just ask any of my followers who have ever purchased one, this shift is just unspeakable really.

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General Weekly Reading – 12th-18th June – This wisdom of trust, forgiveness, and love.

The queen of cups introduces the undertones of divine love, unconditional love, and the purest kind of feminine love that we can imagine.

general weekly..

Numerological breakdown calculation – 12 – (3) – Holy trinity, Christ consciousness, communication, creativity, expression, wholeness, family- 18th (9) – Endings, wholeness, Completion, abandonment consciousness, healing, wounded healer, humanitarianism, Compassion, Community consciousness.

As the main theme, this is a pretty powerful week for us in terms of understanding love, and ourselves, how we give love, how we receive love, and why we perceive love the way that we do. I get a very mother Mary energy from the queen of cups, this is the mother who is unconditional, and so loving, and compassionate, and understanding, and this week some of us may be called to identify any issues that we have with the mother wound, regardless of our sex.

Did we feel safe, and engulfed and protected by love, or is love something that we run from? Something that we perceive to have sharp edges, something that is unpredictable, and changing, something that causes us to feel abandoned.. What do you really believe that love is? And do you even believe in it?

The 5 of pentacles suggests that there is some issues around this sense of safety in love and commitment, and this could be highlighted to us this week. This is an energy of depravity, I do not have enough, I cannot be enough, I am sick, I am cold, I am left out to fend for myself.. If these truly are your thoughts, and your ideas, then it is time for you to undergo a shift, and a powerful healing soul mate from the past may be aiding this shift.. Is there somebody on your mind? Who you cannot escape? What vital lesson are they presenting to you through your memories? Because this week with the 6 of cups, I see them teaching you quite a lot.

This could be a lover from the past, maybe the make contact with you, or are thinking to, or maybe you make contact with them because you recognise the impact that they have had on your life, and your journey at this point. The world card sees you leaving something behind in a major way this week, and it does relate to childhood difficulties, and fears in relation to feeling non-shielded. It may be a very emotional week for some as they have to go through this clearing in entire honesty.

Some of us may be ready to move on in love, and experience a greater form of love, that we truly are beginning to realise that we deserve, but there are so many mental and spiritual blockages because we have never actually tried to accept love properly, or in its most authentic form.. We could be realising that actually, we have not really known love, just dysfunctional version of it, because of our programming, and the queen of cups may be representing a clearing of the emotional centers, and of the heart chakra, to aid us into both accepting and realising that there is even GREATER love available out there.. This could be God’s love, but I am really feeling that it is all about spiritual love – a love that encompasses both growth/support, AND romantic love. A double whammy. And yes, this is not unheard of.

The 7 of pentacles can sometimes be a card of avoidance.. Have you dedicated yourself to work, or perhaps finances in order to avoid the fact that something is missing in your life? And that this something is love?

It is time to take an honest look at yourself this week. Stop trying to distract yourself from consuming the past in it’s entirety. You need to look at it. You need to understand it – in order to move forward from it. The 8 of swords presents you with all of the reasons why you are stuck, and why you could not possibly move forward, perhaps financial reasons are a play.. You may be thinking of moving on from a relationship romantically that has served its purpose, or that drains your energy, but perhaps you wonder where you will go, or how you will make it if you leave.. Remember that a brain wired on fear only searches for problems, and continuously ignores solutions. Most of the things that cause you to fret or worry actually only exist within your mind. You can free yourself if you really want to, but first you have to stop re-playing negative scenes over, and over in your mind again.. In combination with the 9 of wands, this energy could represent a certain points this week, you feeling very much quite sorry for yourself. Looking back at the past in a negative way, or remembering those who have hurt you, or how they have hurt you. You may have your back up against the wall, and act standoffish in the face of opening up, or life offering you some grace, because you do not trust the people that the grace is shining through.. The queen of cups could represent you, and not even fully trusting yourself, or your emotions. You may feel worried that your kindness will be taken for weakness.. Or perhaps the queen of cups represents a new lover, and the possibility of emotional comfort. Maybe this same queen hurt you in the past. Maybe you hurt her. But this does not mean that you cannot learn, and grow, and change, and that in all time things will not fall into place exactly as they are supposed to.


Please please remember.


Leave your weapons down.

You are not fighting against people, you are fighting against spiritual warfare.. And the more you become in tune with your own emotions, and TRUST what you are feeling, the more that you will be able to FEEL the demons, and FEEL where the attacks are coming from.. THEN, you can move on.. And not get attached to things that will cause you pain, but it starts with you, you have to trust yourself again. You have to let down these walls, and defenses, because if you are ever to trust anybody, you have to trust you. You have to stop waiting for everybody to hurt you.. You have to stop waiting for everybody to prove to you why you cannot trust anybody.. A new world calls for you, awakens to you, but you cannot take the past with you into where you are going..

Your spirit is ready to MOVE. It has been carrying so many of these things around for so long, and now it is just like, ‘Oh my God’.. LITERALLY.. Let me break. Let me go. Do something with me, because you are keeping me trapped, and I am unhappy!

The king of wands is this dynamic, enthusiastic, resourceful energy, and it is really waiting to come out of you… Arts, and crafts, creation, inspiration, new light, new breath is what awaits you on the other side.

Let go, or be dragged – this week.

The angel of trust – 

Angelic realm – Angel of the heaven of creation.

Angelic function – To open our hearts and minds to trusting in the goodness of life.

Gifts for earth – It can help us to learn to trust ourselves; learn to trust in life itself and all it has to offer us; learn to trust other people.

The angel of trust is represented holding the stole, which it uses as a blindfold. When we are blindfolded we have to trust in ourselves and in God, knowing that we are protected by this angel, whose hands reach out to us across the gulf of time and worldly matters.

divine love.jpg

This week’s divine lovers reading takes a look at the shifts that occur for us at this time. Enlightenment turns us on our head with the main theme as the hanged man. It is truly time to see things from an entirely new perspective, so those on this journey who find they are having to shed a lot of things, and people, and who feel a little anxious about this – well yes, it is okay, and it is time because your life is doing a 360 – it has to. The more karma you have to shift, the further away you were from mission, and from your path, the more you will find yourself purging at this time. Allow it to happen. Do not try to resist this process, but more understand it.. The feminine is fully stepping into the light of unconditional love, the kind of love that sees her being love, and dealing with her issues about LACK in past relationships. The masculine confronts his karma with a fight this week.. He is battling through this time in his life and he is doing it with the intention to build. I do see both twins putting themselves this week which is fantastic. .. Although, not everybody may not be too happy about this.. Tune into this weeks reading to get the FULL juice. Once again, I am so, so proud of you all for making it this far, and for rocking with me for about 2 years now on this path! I have grown so much from it, and I cannot wait to share even more of this love with you! A chapter has closed, a portal has opened, and we welcome the new..

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Divine lovers (twinflame) *DAILY* reading – 7th-8th June 2017 FULL READING. 

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Divine lovers (twinflame) *DAILY* reading – 7th-8th June 2017 – Main theme – 6 of pentacles, Masculine – 9 of pentacles, Feminine – 5 of cups, What the masculine feels for the feminine – The moon, What the feminine feels for the masculine – Page of pentacles.
There is a little bit of a switch in the dynamics between divine lovers in these two days & it appears as if this has something to do with our familiar foe… the moon in Scorpio – the likes of which bring us emotional depth that truly forces our subconscious to peak through our centre… any underlying factors in the form of attachment to the old, dying nature of themselves, or remorse or resentment about the past will & has made itself apparent in this time – as is the nature of ascension.
However – the two are handling it in very different ways. With the transparency of the Scorpio energy & the looming full moon, a mirror image means that on these two days, instead of feeling themselves, they are really feeling each other. 

The 9 of pentacles represents the masculine admiring the feminines restraint.. she has been dedicating herself to her own crafts, namely the craft of building & remodelling herself in fantastical ways.. She may be knee deep in her business plans & this keeps the Focus on her investing in herself…

It is a mark of the moves that she currently makes to sever ties with codependency, one of the poisonous narratives of their union…

With the 6 of pentacles representing the main theme, likely it is a time of gifting & taking..

Both divine lovers take a closer look at the way that ENERGY works.
What is necessary for them at this time, what areas are absolutely fundamental to their growth & how can they ensure that they are giving time & energy to these areas, whilst creatively starving any avenues of their life that are just give, give & no take.
With the hierophant this is a spiritual lesson in taking things easier. Taking the simple

Paths to spirituality, to God & not over complicating or burdening themselves so that they cannot focus on the required obligations at hand – including their own purification processes.
With the 5 of cups, the feminine feels the masculines angst over her change & perhaps silence… on one hand he really did want her to become independent & self sufficient in this way, on the other he wonders what it means for the fact that he is now awakening to the reality of what they are actually called for…
The moon in Scorpio is the original divine masculine – King Osiris of Egypt, & this is the God of death & rebirth. It could be that he is cutting his losses with a lot of things in his past & his old

Life, as he in intuitively constructed to do, however, without feeling the feminine so close by it could seem as if she too has left him to his devices..
Intuitively, he feels the feminines efforts for growth, to lift not only herself but also himself from the spiritual slumber. The phrase matrix twin does not so necessarily apply to him much longer, as he does receive unconscious insights. 
He must resist the temptation to get a little gloomy, to buried in himself & his emotions & forget that with the two remaining cups behind him the feminine is actually still

There. Deep hidden feelings that he holds towards her may become more tangible to him in these next few days, & he may worry if it’s too late, or as if other obligations in his life take away from his desires to be fully


The page of pentacles represents the feminine recognising that the masculine still

Has some ways to go on his journey. A torch has been lit within him but

Perhaps she is patient or cautious because she knows that these are the beginning stages of his new life & he needs to

Cultivate the time & the patient to be able to focus on his craft..

Divine lovers always work best when intuitively, not intrusively tapped into one another’s emotional fields. 

They must know when the other needs space to grow. The masculine needs to

Let go of attachment to the little picture at hand, whilst the feminine is actually doing pretty great at this time to be understanding of the masculines own ordeal.

Do all roads truly lead to home?

Karma is in the everyday choices that we make. Decisions map our destiny. It is not important to know whether our destiny is already mapped out or not – it is more important to know that our choices reveal this destiny, & our choices reveal more about ourselves than anything.. 

Divine lovers weekly reading – 5th-11th June 2017 – ‘Cleaning out the closet’, does carry on from last weeks themes of holy matrimony.. When we make a vow to ourselves & to the divine that we are ready to be purified & step into the next stage of our evolution, we are shown all of that which still remains a blockage to us on this path & this starts with the ‘demons’ that still dwell within us… childhood trauma & the behavioural instincts, habits, or lack of self worth that follows as a result of this. The feminine has a big week ahead of her as she grows absolutely exhausted & fed up with playing small & playing roulette with the devil.. By fire, by force it is her time to burst free, & as much as she would love to take the masculine with her, she recognises that for him to be side by side with her on this journey, he needs to want to be. A whole new definition of patience arrives. It is not about ‘waiting’ for him – rather, it is about having waited for herself, & her self finally arriving… The more separate their journeys are? the more in sync they are! Once again, the great paradox rears its pretty little head! 💕🤔😘😍👣 To place a purchase – please do so the usual way pay paling £3.33 to, send me a confirmation email to & await your reading 🙂 

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General Weekly Reading – 5th-11th June 2017 – Crossroads.

Main theme – (8 of wands), 9 of pentacles, knight of swords, The moon, 9 of wands, queen of cups, 9 of swords. 

Numerological breakdown calculation – 5 – Change, freedom, emotional freedom, death/rebirth, transition, leaving an old situation behind – 11 – spiritual lessons, spiritual wake up call, understanding, realisations of karma & karmic principles, lessons learned through hardship.

The 8 of wands is the kick starter that is needed to motivate you fast towards the right direction. This energy represents spiritual mail arriving in your post. Just like that, we get the memo & we are ready to take action against past grieviances & worries. There is a desire to no lonher perceive or experience life as a struggle.

Many of us are so beaten & word down by spiritual trials & errors that the soul cries out at this time for change, & redemption. Whatever it takes to make it out on the other side, because this is no way to live, or carry out our days.

In the air lingers the feeling of something ending & many of us may find ourselves mourning this period of death & change but it is so necessary. If the shoe does not fit, give it to another foot.

The 9 of wands & the 9 of swords represent some type of completion that is occurring or needs to occur. In very Sagittarian fashion the knight of swords indicates a sharpening of the mind. Once we become clear about our direction, there is an apprehension to get there fast.

Remember Sagittarius, the world is yours, but patience is a virtue.

Many of us are fed up with the road blocks & the speed bumps along the way, & now look forward  to implementing this new change.

A revelation that needs to be shared could be presenting itself; a message that we must teach, a purpose that we must immediately meet.

Time waits for no man this week.

The 9 of pentacles represents the investment in self that eventually pays off. It could be that we recognise that our journey of building will not be without its patience, or dedication for the long hall – for the figure in the 9 of pentacles has worked long & hard for this period of rest.. maybe we need to slow things down further & take our time with needs that are not immediately pressing. This may be the period where you need to buckle down, listen to your own needs & demands, follow the beat of your own drum, knowing that the best is yet to come…

The motivating factor is this future place in time when we can enjoy life’s luxuries because we have earned them.

Several ideas flooding in at once could be the impact of the full moon in the sign of Sagittarius this week. 

Sagittarians (I speak from experience), are all about aiming for the best & shooting for the stars. And seeing the wider, higher vision. 

The knight of pentacles is ready to make these ideas a reality.

It could be the planning & the preparation behind the intuitive impulses to create & to carry out these tasks.

Buckle down & get pragmatic as the moon forces you to reconcile with even more that remained hidden, even more deeply embedded worries, doubts & limitations stored deeply within us.

Emotional growth & maturity is very important to our development this week. 

Beware of your ego attempting to block your messages & cause confusion. 

Take a look at the bottom row of this deck. The queen of cups sits in the middle of two

Worrisome energies.. she can either choose to feel spiritually wounded, like the 9 of wands, OR, she can choose to worry excessively about what all of these endings are signifying – with the 9 of swords, however, when she sits in the middle of her emotional centre, she remains unstirred – non dettered by the appearance of that which happens outside of her. The intuitiveness of the queen of cups knows that everything is actually unfolding as it should, to get her to find this sense of stability & strength in her emotions, no matter what is happening around her – as this is how we give & receive our

Best selves.

An ego death requires you to take a new spin on the past, a somewhat detached approach that allows you to analyse events impartially. Instead understanding them, so that you grow as the queen of cups, not becoming overwhelmed by your findings.

The focus this week is establishing emotional

Peace & stability & no longer being a slave to the fortress of our emotions. It is time to fight the good fight – & fight your way out of

Emotional haywire. 

Meditation, stillness & soundness of mind can help these revelations pour out to

You. Some of you may feel tempted to come out of this period of slumber, rest & contemplating, but it may not yet be time. Even though you grow restless, there is still more to come – so press your ears so tenderly against the cosmos.

Divine lovers weekly reading – 5th-11th June 2017 – ‘Cleaning out the closet’, does carry on from last weeks themes of holy matrimony.. When we make a vow to ourselves & to the divine that we are ready to be purified & step into the next stage of our evolution, we are shown all of that which still remains a blockage to us on this path & this starts with the ‘demons’ that still dwell within us… childhood trauma & the behavioural instincts, habits, or lack of self worth that follows as a result of this. The feminine has a big week ahead of her as she grows absolutely exhausted & fed up with playing small & playing roulette with the devil.. By fire, by force it is her time to burst free, & as much as she would love to take the masculine with her, she recognises that for him to be side by side with her on this journey, he needs to want to be. A whole new definition of patience arrives. It is not about ‘waiting’ for him – rather, it is about having waited for herself, & her self finally arriving… The more separate their journeys are? the more in sync they are! Once again, the great paradox rears its pretty little head! 💕🤔😘😍👣
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General weekly reading – 29th may- 4th June 2017 – Redemption before revelation. 

Taro cards – Main theme, (Judgement), Surrounding cards – 2 of swords, The star, 5 of cups, 10 of pentacles, 3 of cups, queen of swords, Vital issue – 9 of cups. 

Numerological breakdown calculation – 29th (11) – awakenings, epiphanies, spiritual realisations, lessons that shift your place of awareness, balancing of masculine & feminine energies, entering new gateways//door paths, becoming a teacher, passing down or sharing your wisdom with others, becoming responsible –
The most powerful week of 2017 so far is highlighted in this weeks spread. The judgement card talks of a massive revelation, or a bulk of realisations from spirit that absolutely shake the ground that you walk on. Unlike the tower card which brings destruction & imminent confusion, the judgement card provides us with revelations that actually aim to set our spirit free & bring us the closest to the version of our soul that is pure – not entirely without fault, but as devoted to the most high as we can be.

These nature of revelations likely cause us to take a look at some unpleasant aspects of ourselves or our past, & we may become desperate to make amends by making drastic changes, or reaching out to others with apology, but these awakenings are truly for us, & not anybody else.

Take the time to sit with, integrate & fully understand the images & perceptions that are coming to you, without feeling like you have to make it about something else. Anything that is revealed to us through the actions of or by somebody else should only cause us to take a greater look at ourselves, & seek to make sense of some of our own thoughts & actions.

With the 5 of cups this redemption may seem as if it is heavy handed, or that it arrives with some sorrow, but this is merely because so many aspects of our past were not in alignment with who we really were, but were apart of our illusions, delusions, the matrix of pains & fears that manifest as shadow energy.

The judgement card brings up specific incidences so that we come to see the way that devil (shadow) energy seeks to compromise us, or force us into a way of life that is not in accordance with our best self. The judgement card is this call come home, & during the holy month of Ramadan many of us may find that our spiritual connection is even stronger. I am participating in Ramadan this month & I would strongly encourage anybody else who is serious about this type of commitment to join me – I will be posting more details on my Instagram @spiritualpoetess_ .

A call from above, from the most high to become the most naked, authentic version of ourselves calls for us not to resist the visualisations of past experiences. As I mentioned, not all of these revelations may be pleasant, but they are so necessary my loves.

Many of us will find this week that we have reached a crossroads in our lives & ultimately it is time to make a decision. There is no other way & perhaps with the 2 of swords many of us have been avoiding this decision for a while now, but it is apart of your mission, & the decision will ultimately be costly in terms of the next stage of your journey.

It is time for you to consider the future thoroughly, what you would like it to look like & how you will piece it together after the rubble of the past. A negative or unfortunate past incident that caused some pain & sorrow could be providing you with the truth & insight that you need to see in order for you to evolve to the next level of your spirits evolution at this time. A time to call home requires you to take responsibility from here-forth for what you create. Do not spend too much time mourning about the past. Understand that it happened for a reason, but with the star card it was necessary for you to make all of the changes that you are about to make now.

The 10 of pentacles may represent a break from tradition. In order for you to heal in this major way or to do things differently, you may need to take an alternative route other than the one that your family or community have attempted to teach or imprint upon you. You are waking up to many things & this shatters many illusions about who you think you should be, & who you are.

Try to be present. Very present. Present enough not to miss anything. Such a Holy Week this is I can hardly describe…

You may be called to identify with or explore an aspect of spirituality or faith that you have never tried before. It just so may be that you are receiving dreams, or insights about what your spiritual path is & how you can execute it.

We are truly drawing some boundaries this week, & choosing to take a different path. The 5 of cups could represent the breaking of chains, having to leave the past behind or making decisions that are actually for our highest good, yet feel emotionally taxing.

As we learn, & grow, & shift, & merge, there are some aspects of ourselves that we see in others that we must exchange, ultimately meaning, that we must exchange them.

Do not fear having to let go of people on this path or making these more difficult decisions. The 10 of pentacles suggests that we need this unity right now, we need this balance, & we have to build a solid foundation. A solid foundation cannot be built in the wrong environment, & as we begin to build in this way we may recognise that others present a barrier for us. With the star card & the judgement card as priority elements of this reading, this decision just has to be made, this thing has to be done.

It was holding you back, yes.

The queen of swords makes these mental calculations & decisions logically. The 5 of cups energy is not so over powering with this queen appearing here. She is willing to make these tough decisions to get to the 9 of cups because she knows that there are things in his or her way. This is about feeling through your feelings, but going forward confident in your direction.

The decision is made this week & it is made in the name if higher guidance.

The 9 of cups is a yes. It is a wishes granted card. It is acceptance, it is an opening, it is confirmation, it is agreement & acknowledgment. You are getting something that you want this week & you have to see how magnificent it is, & how big this is.. you may be noticing a lot of synchronicity, repeating numbers, angel numbers, finding signs that specifically mean so much to you..


This weeks divine lovers reading is so potent. This is a marriage this week, as both masculine, and feminine get married to the divine.. THIS is the truthful meaning of the holy trinity, this coming together, where masculine looks to feminine who looks to God, who looks upon both of them..

Do not miss out on this reading, as I go into powerful detail about what this journey has been revealing to me in a 30 minute voice reading delivered to you in accompaniment.  I am so filled with love, and light because of how much I have emptied myself.. This is all about emptying yourself in this way.

When we become empty, when we do not want for anything, that is when we are filled. When the feminine has faith, and the masculine has TRUST, then the two can come together WITHIN themselves, toward new heights.

The masculine has arrived. He sees. He sees as the feminine sees, and they both see – God, and in seeing that, they see everything, and nothing at all.. It is the great confusion. What remains true?

Faith, and belief. Ascension is here, you can choose to believe that you are going crazy lol.. Or you can choose to believe in something outside of the ordinary..But once your cross that threshold.. There is no coming back..


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Blessed be.

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**NEW MOON IN GEMINI** Divine lovers//Twin flame// Special reading – 25th-26th May 2017.


Main themes – Knight of wands, knight of pentacles, Feminine – Knight of cups, 10 of swords, Masculine – king of cups, page of swords, Angel card – The guardian angel of spiritual growth.

Gemini warrants balance between the heart and the mind. If there is a blockage between these two spaces, an individual may manifest as everybody’s worst fear – the perception of Geminis as being emotionally imbalanced, unpredictable, and two faced.. It is not necessarily that this individual intentionally swims from one side of the pool to the other, but existing at two sides of extremes that do not seem to be in communication with one another is always disastrous.. This is why there must be open dialogue, trust, and communication, between the twins, between the heart and the mind. This is the genius of Gemini.

The knight of wands is the budding warrior – the individual who is ready to go to war for their heart, beliefs, and passions. With the determination and inspiration of this energy we may almost appear restless, taking on several tasks at once with the certain conviction that we can tackle them all, because we are all the more skilled for the task, and refined through our trials..
This knight emerges hot from the fire and the flames of despair and torment, we are putting behind our trouble days in a way that makes light, and good use of the many lessons that we have collected.

This knight energy can seem impatient, but this is only because we have been so cautious, and so safe for so long, and have not allowed spirit to echo to us the ways that we are needed, or the places that we must return to.. A clear destination could see the masculine charging through with a message, with passion, or with purpose.. This new moon in Gemini may see many feminine twins receiving communication, especially with the page of swords swinging his sword of truth..
He is still a minor, not so skilled in expressing his feelings, or discussing issues that may cause him to reveal a lot of himself, however with the king of cups as his main energy, just because he does not say it, does not mean that he is not feeling it..

He has found a way to be more balanced in his emotions, and it does appear as if he has grown in some ways, as the feminine’s side also reveals the knight of cups – an invitation to explore more love.. Such a masculine spread once again points to the idea that many divine lovers at this time are filled with energy, and direction. The masculine may come in very fast, almost as a shock to the feminine who has convinced herself that his arrival will take a lot of time.. With the knight of pentacles at the bottom, his arrival may not exactly signify union straight away in the way that she may have thought, but there is definitely thoughts towards how they may make this work, and what would be necessary to input, and output.

With the 10 of swords, the feminine may be experiencing some feelings of loss, and detachment today – particularly over the past and past painful situations, but these are likely just situations coming up from the past when she was imbalanced, for her to realise just how much shifting her thoughts, and her consciousness is so paramount to her well being.
Tired of feeling like the 10 of swords she is ready to make some new changes. The knight of wands also signifies her determination for a better, brighter tomorrow.
The page of swords may be swooping in attempting to break the spell that the 10 of swords caused, will he be too late?

The angel of spiritual growth does not seem to think so, coming through to allow us to know that these current changes in emotions, desires, and ways of interpreting are entirely for the purposes of our soul’s evolution. Both divine lovers are peeling back the layers to a time when their love was more authentic, before all of the pains, strains, and grievances of the past.
There is a greater willingness to try, even if they may not necessarily have all of the tools at this point.

The feminine could be filled with sweet thoughts of the masculine at this time as he projects the energy of sincerity, and an open heart toward her at this time.
The masculine is learning that he needs to communicate his emotions, and the feminine is learning that she needs to heal in order to be able to receive his emotions..
This does require healing of the pain bodies.

Blessed be, my sacred beings ~

To expand further on the powerful transition that is currently occurring for the masculine, you may purchase this weeks twinflame weekly and receive an in-depth expression, along with 2 healing videos from me, reading aloud the Rumi oracle card, and offering a powerful prayer, and advice sermon. To view, and listen – paypal £3.33 to

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POWERFUL Weekly reading – 22nd-28th May 2017- My love and me, the things I learned from society.

Taro cards – Main theme – (9 of pentacles), Surrounding cards – knight of cups, king of Wands, 6 of swords, 10 of wands, ace of swords, Angel deck – The angel of eternal love, Rumi oracle – cosmic heart.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 22nd-28th – 22 (MASTER BUILDER), the number of dedication, perseverance, business ventures, creating a wider community network, purpose, dual energies, the ultimate balance, reward, 28 – (10) – balance of masculine & feminine energies, endings & new beginnings, death/rebirth, transition, change.

Taro card is an ancient devotional art form. Much like Jungian archetypes, they can display the depth hidden beneath the ordinary goings on of human nature, desire, divine orchestration & affairs. I use a combination of taro symbols, ancient archetypes, psychology, & intuitive, observational ability to tease out these tantalising truths..

Be delivered by them.

~ Seek Cindy.

This week, I have decided to use a card from my Rumi oracle deck in the general weekly reading simply because I felt a lot of love being radiated into this week.

So, there is so much healing going on for us this week, and as always healing is just an invitation to let more love in. There’s a very feminine presence to the very masculine energy this week. And No, that is not a paradox, and those coming into balance will recognise this.

To be truly feminine, you are to have access to your masculine side.

This is what allows you to be patient, accepting, and understanding – the placement of BOUNDARIES, so that you can trust yourself to remain embracing, without fearing drainage or an imbalance of input & output.

To be truly masculine, you are to have access to your feminine side.

This gives you purpose, reason, and planning – an end goal. Either your muse, or the essence of that which pushes you to acquire through creative means.

The feminine gives REASON.

So, let her assign good reasoning, for she determines meaning.

The 9 of pentacles sees us hard at work this week & it is likely another week of some kind of solitude. We are pulling ourselves out of the hustle & bustle of life in order to truly self analyse.

The only thing surrounding the figure in the 9 of pentacles is her abundance, & now she can look to something else, possibly, to occupy her time..

This could be a message of patience to many of us who are seeking to branch out in fulfillment of our lives. This is a period of work, ensuring that you are self sustainable. It is time to work on yourself, your

Image & your own goals, so that when somebody should join you in the garden, you are ready to receive them.

There have been weeds that have needed tending to – for a while & the 9 of pentacles works in dedication, sometimes to the point of isolation, or over working themselves.

This is the meeting point. The harvest. Where we would like to be, & everything from now, including now is shaping this outcome for us.

A powerful reboot for the masculine energy within us all is being demonstrated this week & will leak into the entire crevice of our subconscious’ minds.

The knight of cups, the six of swords & the 10 of wands all tell a story about family, & point to childhood issues being dug up & rectified at this time.


We are intrinsically linked to our societies, communities, and the families that we belong to, and this is also what helps us to develop a sense of identity, and belonging, and understanding of the world around us. But sometimes it becomes that this mold that we have come to know is actually what conceals us from moving forward. A time where we have to make the decision to develop our own sense of inner self and beliefs about the world. 

A particularly potent hour for healing issues to do with the patriarchal side of our family – fathers, uncles, brothers – the men who have helped to shape us & what they may have had to endure along the way.

Prepare for some honest & open communications & dialogue perhaps about the past, allowing you to walk in the shoes of your parents, or to decide that you would rather not walk in their shoes at all.

It is no longer about blaming them, pointing out their flaws or raving over what they did and did not do.

The king of wands & the 9 of pentacles places you here, now, asking you to make the best out of your journey, regardless of any humble beginnings.

There is a lot of forgiveness being practiced this week also. We may need to forgive the masculine or the father for any ways we may have felt unprotected or unsheltered in the past. This is a huge blockage when it comes to grounding work & root chakra work (financial attainment).

There may have been family or financial crises that implemented poverty consciousness as a mode of operating for some of us, & we may be learning this week that our fathers, or even mothers did the best that they could do.

The knight of cups is the awakening of a different side of the masculine energies within us all. More humble, honest, understanding, sensitive & intuitive & this is all in relation to the energies of healing the feminine wound of abandonment as a consciousness.


In the 9 of pentacles, the feminine focuses on what it means to do her own work & to provide for herself, thus there really is no abandonment consciousness. The king of wands looks for ways out, ways to improve his situation so that he is not the 10 of wands forever.

You see because all of this extra baggage obstructs our view, as the figure in the 10 of wands can hardly see where he is going, whereas the king of wands is direction.

This figure is also working hard to shift emotional & spiritual baggage & damage.

As we heal our minds of thoughts of depravity, we can deal with our issues in a more effective manner, unpacking them, one by one, as opposed to simply becoming triggered by them.

There needs to be a certain trust & faith. Because the 10 of wands figure works too hard because they believe in lack & do not believe that they will be taken care of. There needs to be a balance between independence & martyrdom.

You do for yourself because you LOVE yourself, & not because you are stuck on proving anybody else wrong.

There is an openness and an acceptance that comes in when we trust. Somebody may be coming in with a mission to change things around, to do things in a better way, to redeem themselves & it appears that this is because they have discovered or are discovering their purpose.

We all have a purpose in this world but sometimes things like lack of time, money, resources, awareness & deeply embedded traumas can block us from recognising the path of our destiny.

Well this week, a cosmic sweep takes over us to rearrange a lot of our thoughts regarding abandonment & ‘showing up’.

There is somewhere that you have to be & something that you have to do, & with the ace of swords you are motivated by love to take charge in this way.

A phenomenal upgrade is occurring that is shifting us even further away from polarity & the leaders of this new grid are becoming physical embodiment of this by stretching & adjusting to incorporate dual aspects of themselves to show you – just how it can be done.

The narrative of the male overworking himself & neglecting to show the family, or his counterpart affections is no longer a vibration that can be upheld for many of us, who see the flaws & errors in this way of being. We must be equally active & reactive so that we do not fall out of hum with the universe.

The ace of swords is a mind of our own. We have been working so, so hard to shift beliefs, data & downloads regarding who we should be, what we should be & what our place is in society. And congratulations to us all because the task is not an easy one and can often cause disillusionment. But these shifts do have to take hold & if we are attempting to strike such a powerful blow in the flow of the old energy, it is necessary to develop this strengthened new mental identity.

Once again, this time could point to some solitude, though not entirely for selfish reasons. There is a need to push through with the ‘heavier’ stuff, only because we are so close to tasting our truthful path. This is the final stop off for the 10 wands that have held us down for so long.

There is nothing to fear. There is so much love available here. The divine is shaping this person for you, is shaping their character for you, and is shaping you to receive them. I do not usually feel my masculine and feminine readings coming in so deeply and truthfully in my General weekly readings, but this week that is all I can feel. Such a powerful week for divine love and the ripple effects that it creates. It is okay to trust in love, and to trust in God when you remember that you are worthy of love, but more so when you truly start to believe it, and weave it into the very fabric of your existence. 

The guardian angel of eternal love –

As I let love in my soul, it stays forever. 

This angel card is all about the message of God’s love, which actually triumphs over self love, though the two are very intertwined.

Self love mainly focuses on loving the physical presence and essence of yourself, the way you look, your personality, the way that you present yourself to the world, and the way that you are interpreted by the world through a combination of these elements – loving yourself first, so that you feel comfortable in doing so.

Whereas God’s love, or Godly love is the love of yourself specifically BECAUSE you are a non-physical being alone, and requires the acknowledgement of this truth. There cannot be wounds in attachment, and abandonment when we let this light of God’s love shine through. We are never the forgotten children in this light. There is no limitation to the love that we receive or give with the light, because we literally are this love.

And thus we can be moved in the knowledge of how masculine love actually is, in its fixed state, unwavering, and calm, yet exuding.

Angel function – To transmit God’s eternal and unconditional love.

Gifts for earth – It can help you to remember that love is forever; release the fear that love is limited; open to the spirit which is the source of this love.

My cosmic heart relates to the unquenchable nature of love. It is not going anywhere. It is ever growing, and expansive, and asking to be recognised as an active part of your life. If you do identify with being in a sacred union, being a twinflame then, it may be time for you to stop attempting to run from the truth of this. A lot of feminine’s find themselves in limbo at this time, will he, won’t he? How about just trusting God for a start, before you think about working on trusting him. That’s a thought. You may have to balance a career, whilst understanding that this person is somebody who you cannot get off your mind, who you can not neglect to think about, although you have so many pressing responsibilities, and demands. And if this is a case, then this too must be integrated into your way of life.. However, you should do it. Something that you cannot get rid of, perhaps is not meant to be cast away at all. But rather invited into the song and dance of the party that is you.


The divine lovers (twinflame weekly) read for this week, ‘The sweet meaning of (redeem me) redeeming),  is pretty phenomenal, if I do say so myself.. I have never felt so much love as I did writing it, or writing about it.. Well, ofcourse I have, but I have never felt so much as if I could allow others to feel the extent of that love.

There are an end to delays this week. IT is really here. Whatever it is that you have been looking for, or waiting for, the numerological month of 5 has brought it to your door.

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Blessed be.

I am so pleased to announce that my first EVER twin flame novel is officially out. This is the most in depth depiction of twin flames that you will find! Following their family karma, & the entire alchemical break down of the Union, INCLUDING the true purpose of the separation stage –
And the most taboo topic – What is life after the twin flame dynamic?
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