Not so bad a day, after all.

“We all wake up to days that we do not feel our best. This may be emotionally, physically, mentally, or even spiritually. And the first thing important to note, is that there is nothing wrong with this. There is no shame in occasionally second guessing ourselves, or feeling less than our best for no particular reason. I find that we cause further upset and discomfort when we judge ourselves for our initial feelings of feeling inadequate. It is important to note that we will not always have good days, or days where we feel positive, strong and assured, and this is normal! Our moods regulate as often as we brush our teeth! And according to science and biology, this is just the way that we were set up! We are consistently interpreting new information, and reassessing old information, so it is no wonder that our moods, thoughts, and feelings fluctuate so fluidly. This does not mean that you are failing on the journey to self love, or that you’re healing is counter productive. However, we are all aware of how uncomfortable and distressing these days and these feelings can be, so here are a few ways to deal with an ‘off-day’. 1. Write in your journal. Half way through you will find that you do not feel as bad as you think, and It is rather something carried on your mind from the night before that needs resolving. 2. Do not be upset with yourself for not feeling in your best shape. Say, ‘I am sorry self, that today is not one of the days we could get this just as we want it’. And then repeat, ‘Thank you for being so understanding self, and I do not judge you for taking some time to reboot’. 3. Make a list of things that went well from the week before, this may help to put things into perspective and remind you that actually, there is a lot Of positive to focus on.”
Cindy Anneh-bu


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