Dream leaping. 

Last night, whilst we slept, I followed you all the way into ancient lumeria. I would not have led there any other way, and though I could hardly trace my steps in the darkened night, you seemed almost effortlessly, to know exactly where to tread. Leading me through mazes whilst never looking back, you leapt, from foot path to foot path, sweeping grass out of your way as if you had done all this many times before. My feet began to ache under the rubble of a thousand gemstones lain in our path, and as I looked down to ponder why I bore no shoes, right there, string wrapped itself around the bottom of my feet, and my steps were complete. And I ran, not to lose sight of you as you proceeded through the grass green woods, still as if you knew, exactly where to fly. You stopped infront of a small, bricked shack and I paused. Upon knocking on the door, I watched to my surprise myself, allowing you to come in. I greeted you with a warm embrace, and I watched myself love you, such amazing grace. Once again, your soul comes home to me. ~ Dream leaping. 


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