Society and the art of rejection. 

Society hates people who know how to heal themselves. It does not flow consistently with them. It does not understand them, nor do they understand it. This is because society deals with confirmation, fixed logic and predictable results. It can only function successfully as a blurred collective, if all those apart of the collective agree unconsciously or consciously to be apart of its rigid set of rules and systems. In reality, the mere thought of a group of people living by identical customs and beliefs, when the world is so vast and so versatile, is ludicrous, yet somehow we accept this to be our reality regardless. And why, you may ask? Because ‘society’ is ‘safe’. It is comforting to know that you KNOW something, and that you know you know what you do because you are not the only one whom knows it with extreme precision and dedication. This is what offers people shelter in instability, similar to religion, it offers others the comfortability of knowing that at any time, their values cannot be criticised because they are shared values. And what happens to the ones who just cannot seem to mould, merge and force themselves into the thinly streamed lines of societal measures? Why they are cast aside of course. Society does not engage and welcome you back into its bosom if you cannot find the means to appease its raging ego. It is not empathetic, it is strategic, and only interested in numbers, not individual woes. And so the only medicine in the eyes of society for fixing your ‘brokenness’, is by pretending that it does not exist, and focus on belonging anyway, just focus on belonging. And in that case, the same thing that poisons you, believes itself to be your cure. – Cindy Anneh- bu


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