The spiritual science of dreaming.

Think of sleep time as soul time. during dreams our souls wander and seek answers, even travelling to multiple states of existence in our multiverse.. Perhaps that is why sleep is referred to as the, ‘cousin of death’. It is the only other time that the soul is allowed to wander, and the vividness we experience in our dreams are alternate realms and dimensions, only accessible by the soul, more accurately, through the release of DMT, the chemical compound that causes us to have the ability to experience dream. This same chemical is also present in large amounts before/during death, and is reported to be in heavily release from the pineal gland, (third eye), prior to near death and out of body (OBE) experiences. In recreational substances, DMT takes the form of a powerful psychedelic drug that induces alternate states of consciousness, feelings of euphoria and vivid hallucinations including contact with other worldly beings. It is consumed by indigenous Amazonian Amerindian cultures for divination and healing purposes. For this reason I sight DMT as a sort of metaphysical bus, transporting the soul. It may also be to explain for the brains interpretation of the alpha wave – the state of the mind during light sleep, dreams, meditation, day dreams. More supernatural experiences are recorded during these times, including visits from deceased loved ones. Our minds are far more susceptible to mediumship under the influence of this brain wave. This wave is tuned into a different frequency, supposedly connected to higher dimensional existence. #poetry #writer #esoteric #spiritual #dreams #dreamology #alphastates #dmt #indigenous #consciousness


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