changing tides.

“Change comes with it many things, and one of those things is instability. In times of great change, there will be nothing remotely familiar or safe for us to cling on to, and this is all purposeful, to allow us to seek new methods, instead of our usual conventional means, that see us continuously gaining the same results. You will be cut off from anything that may act as a stabiliser or enabler for you, because all of which you have previously held to be true, will now be apart of one of your many delusions about self. Delusions about self are the thoughts and concepts we build about ourselves in relation to all of the past experiences that we can remember, consciously and unconsciously. These are delusions of self, because we view them as a result of who we are, and not the WAY that we are. So what is the difference between the two? Who we are is non changeable, it is the core of your truth, or the soul as some may say, the you that exists unconditionally, and authentically. The WAY that you are changes, and is dependable upon whom you’re around, for instance, we have one face for our close family, another for our friends, another for work
Colleagues, and another for strangers, we just have different existing models in individual social groupings. The way that we are is dependent upon the way that we believe we should be in order to seek approval, combined with the beliefs that have been passed down to us by those who grant or deny us this approval and acceptance. The way that we are can be changed, because it is just a delusion, an illusion based on observing the outside world, more than we observe our internal worlds. When this delusion dissolves, it is usually as a result of a break down of one of the social groups that it adheres to. Once that factor ceases to exist, so does the self that exists to compensate it.”Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)


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