Understanding dreams. 

“Dreams of sex usually relate to one feeling inexpressive, possessing a high level of energy with no outlet for it ~ Dreams that involve water, rain, (especially heavy rain), symbolise cleansing, clarity, peace of mind and growth. As water provides nourishment to plants, and sustainability to ma ~ Dreams that involve us with no shoes or clothes relate to us feeling exposed, judge or vulnerable to others. ~ Dreams involving us being chased typically means that we are unwilling to face an aspect of our lives. For instance, dreaming of being chased or haunted by a persistent shadow type creature, could translate to running away from the darker aspects of ourselves, refusing to acknowledge our subconscious, and failing to integrate all parts of ourselves into one loving wholeness. On the other hand, when we dream about ourselves in a maternal nature, looking after a child, (even whilst we do not have one of our own), or we dream of a mother type figure, this relates to both out desire to receive maternal affectionate love, and our desire to receive this same form of love. 

If you would like to work with me to decode/interpret, and make sense of your dreams, contact me via cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk”


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