“An empaths guide to self assertiveness.

“An empaths guide to self assertiveness. ~ 1. Do not sit on the words that you hold. Because of a lack of expression, empaths tend to exhibit these little behavioural traits instead of voicing what they truly think/feel. This can be biting down on their lips, humming, instead of speaking, and other anxiety related behaviours such as nail biting, leg twitching. It is important to recognise when these behaviours are occurring as they do, and chase the root of what your mind truly wants you to articulate. 2. Change the way that you view authoritative figures. Empaths and hypersensitives learn from a young age about what I like to call ‘social hierarchy ’, or the illusion therefore of. This is the belief that there is a ranking in the social order of humans, with some people’s opinions being more valid or worthy than others, usually more than their own. Of course this is purely a capitalistic structural agreement, and in spirituality we understand that no one soul is more important or valid than the other. Know and trust the quality of your input! 3. Say no to people pleasing, and that is a capital NO! Most empaths as a result of their low self esteem, believe that they can convince others to love them or give them affection, through going above and beyond to please them, even at the expensive of sabotaging themselves. The truth is these people will never love, nor respect you. They become aware of your people pleasing habits and will in turn use it to manipulate and extract what they can from you. Real bonds are not built on the basis of one party being inferior, whilst the other is superior. 4. Do not sit on your words. When ever we want to say something, there is always that secondary thought that accompanies our initial thought of speaking, which usually counteracts it with, ‘do I really wish to share this?.. Is this truly a valuable contribution?’ And the answer is, you bet yourself it is! Why wouldn’t it be? You could say the thing that somebody is dying to hear/know! Your contribution could be just what is needed to send everybody into a roar of laughter. Do not be so quick to judge your thoughts/words. Empaths have beautiful, thriving, imaginative minds, they are just rarely confident enough to share this with the world. 5. Do NOT forget who you are, and how special you are! You are an empath, are you kidding me, yet you hold so little confidence and assurance? An empath is literally an evolutionary leap in human development. The ability to perceive senses at a heightened level, and interpret even the most subtle data? You are a gift, a wondrous, misunderstood gift. If that isn’t enough reason to think you are the absolute cream of the crop, then I do not know what is! Blessed be sacred souls ~”   Cindy Anneh-bu


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