Brain inception. 

“We must not only Change what we think, but the WAY that we think also, if we are to receive abundance and reject depression. Of course it is also true that people with high spirit energies, and highly analytical/philosophical minds find this harder to do..People with highly tuned minds tend to break down, and analyse every negative effect/experience, reliving the event multiple times over. Matched with their powerful imagination, the mind cannot separate between this and reality, thus they are caught in a mental loop of pain. People with highly analytical minds re-asses everything, the mind does not care how bad this event is, it MUST make sense of it. So now it is up to us, the ‘conscious’ individual, to redirect and Feed the mind, so that it works from our higher selves, and not our ego. The ego says, ‘how dare I suffer this way, I must understand why I must suffer, I don’t deserve this’, which only causes more suffering..”Cindy Anneh-bu


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