Dreaming, and interpretation. 

   Fire is a transformative element. When we experience incidences to do with fires, (such as hearing that a certain building or thing has burned down), this is representative of changing tides and changing times. For instance, I have recently been made aware that my old primary school suffered a fire. Whilst extremely saddening, nobody either in the building, or involved was seriously injured. I took this piece of information however, to be very symbolic. Symbology/interpretation – my primary school represented the first portion of my life, my past, and my childhood. It represents who I used to be and what I used to know as familiar. I interpret receiving the news of its burning to be very telling of my transformation recently, the changes that I have endured and chord cutting from my past. When we see fire in dreams this relates to some sort of change, ridding ourselves of the old, and performing alchemy ( great changing of states). Dependent on whom is present in the dream, either all, or certain members are experiencing twists and turns upon their journey.


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