Mercury Retrograde – what to expect. 

   “Mercury retrograde calls for us to pull back our energy from outside sources, and focus it within. It asks us to engage in a brief period of rest, gathering and nurturing, as we prepare for the seeds we have been sowing to spring to growth. It is the ultimate hermit scenario. The purpose of hibernation is to preserve and protect what we have from the scolding eyes of winter. We must add warmth (energy) to our investments, and not allow ourselves to be picked apart by external distractions. This is a time of planning, calculation and counsel. Those of us who previously experienced a dark night of the soul will have had so much information being downloaded, therefore self counsel is vital. Those of us transmuting darker energies and gaining access to the akashic records//DNA awakening will also require time to process this. This has been a truly accelerated time, with so many changes, shifts and new experiences being brought into awareness, that can be scary and off putting to even the most spiritual of souls! Time to sit back, relax, and take in all of the new lessons learnt and knowledge gained is paramount to applying it in future! Most advise against taking financial or romantic action during mercury retrograde, as our mind is sort of in a mental fog, but I say plan and study new approaches to old situations, even if you do not intend to implement these transactions straight away. When we come out of retrograde, we will have clearer understanding of how to handle situations that may not have served us well in the past. We will also be aware of certain packages or bondages that kept us in repetitive cycles. This can only be achieved through self reflection. Energy vampires who are less conscious of mercury’s effects may seek to tap into the energy of others for a boost during this time. For this reason again, I advise drawing inward, protecting ones own energy, and finding ways to nourish, as oppose to depleting it’s supply.                                                              Retrograde for relationships.              As retrograde comes around, we find ourselves revisiting many places and people we thought we had abandoned. This may be mentally, or May in fact be through physical contact, where we receive messages from people of significance from the past, or rather we feel the compulsion to contact others from the past. This is because retrograde is all about hermit energy, reflecting inward, introspection, experiencing nostalgia and spending some time reanalysing past events. We can find ourselves remeniscing intently during retrograde, thinking about past lovers or acquaintances. I mean it’s okay for those people to return, (even if it’s just for retrograde), they allow us to let go in many cases, and not necessarily just of them, but also of the time period they belong to in our lives, who we were then, and what we believed etc. The best thing about people from the past returning is, you get to see how very much you have changed, you fluid motioned being ✨🙏🏽 Past lovers who you still hold spiritual ties with will probably be on your mind a lot, but keep in mind the significance of the Union will also be magnified to you energetically. If there was true love there, you will long for love, if there was abuse, you will feel abused once more. To book a unique reading regarding past lovers, whether it be tarot or advice, message me via TAROTSBYMECopyRight2015           If you are enduring a twin flame separation period, retrograde will intensify your longing for them, I am sorry to inform you.. This will also include intensified dreams about them, and even sensing their energy, but fear not, it will strengthen the love on their side of the pool for you also. The less conscious twin will find this coming period extremely uncomfortable as they struggle to get you out of their mind, though you are so deeply embedded in their conscious. Every time you focus your energy on thoughts of your twin, memories with your twin, you are sending energetic stimulants directly to their heart chakra, in the form of, ‘remember me’. The less conscious twin has absolutely no idea what is happening, and will fear he is losing his grip on reality and himself entirely. Ah, but this is just in time for the ascension waves of September.. The universe has been screaming at this person, ‘hey, when are you going to identify with your truthful spiritual nature?’ And this is why you, being the more spiritual twin are so drawn to him/her at this time, you know that your spiritual energy is JUST what they need.      


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