Twin flames – book preview. 

  I found this picture absolutely perfect in encapsulating the twin flame experience! I mean to bring no confusion or offence to anybody, but typically it is the twin with the feminine energies who is more likely, and more inclined to be the, ‘awakened twin’. This does not mean that this twin necessarily has to be the woman in the Union, or be a woman at all, it simply means that the one carrying the most feminine energies will be most receptive and intuitive of exactly what the Union means for them – both spiritually and emotionally. The ‘awakened twin’ may allude to the interpretation that this twin is in anyway entirely spiritually awakened, or pure in their actions to extend love, as this twin typically only becomes the ‘chaser’ because their overwhelming displays of ‘toxic love’ push their twin away. It is easy to place all of the blame on the ‘matrix twin’, but the truth is, typically because the twin possessing feminine energies is so aware of the divinity and sacredness of the Union, they begin to develop severe co-dependent methods of keeping their twin, out of their fear that the twin will ‘leave them’. These individuals will also suffer low self esteem, (much like their twin), but because they hold such a deep seated fear of abandonment, (also similar to their twin), they believe that the only way to keep their twin from leaving them, is by bombarding them with love, and forcefully expecting them to do the same. This twin does not sound so awakened after all do they? Well, the perception of them being awakened, comes from the notion that they will be the ones most likely to experience the soul shock after they have successfully and energetically pushed their twin away. Followin this event, they will experience rapid spiritual growth and a period of time where their desire to acquire vast spiritual knowledge will eventually lead to enlightenment. 


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