Symbiotic Vibrations.

We often underestimate how blessed we are to have certain souls cross our path, and even better yet, to be soul mates with some of them!  

how exciting is it to perceive that in a space of infinity and a population of 7 billion, all of the souls that you have met were specifically chosen to be apart of YOUR journey. Somehow, they were placed in the same country, within the same time frame, in the same life time, when in fact they could have existed anywhere else and you would never have been made aware of them. Does this not make the notion of friendship and relationships in general just that much more beautiful and special? Unlike our biological families whom are scripted long before birth, the souls that we seek by choice have been bound to us by invisible chords, to one day meet, and imprint our energies and stories upon one another. Everybody that you have ever met and ever loved has shaped you in one way or another, and vice versa, and in our vast inter-connectedness, none of us would be who we are if it was not for the people we have met. Isn’t it glorious? We meet strangers at specific times in our lives that our hearts are emitting the same frequencies, we are all songs, dancing playfully on the beat to and from one another. And just think of it as, the souls whom enter our lives and touch our souls imprint on us. At one moment in time, we were humming the exact same song, and our harmonies played louder, until we danced straight through to the hearts of one another. #poetry #poem #energy #love #spiritual #energy


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