Everyday Ascension Symptoms. 

“Dissolution and disassociation are popular ascension symptoms. Because we have made so much progress, transformed so rapidly, and changed so much, it is often confusing or hazy for our physical bodies to catch up with the change. On the logical side, it may seem that we have been behaving quite strangely lately, just receiving and losing random bursts of energy. You may look in the mirror and wonder exactly who you are as you no longer appear quite the same to yourself and and struggle to remember if you have always appeared this way, or if you are just imagining things. This is spirit coming into greater recognition of itself, knowing that it is more infinite than the body you inhabit, and trying to familiarise with this particular life time. You are now operating from a place of mergence with the higher self, it is no longer only the ego who leads. All of the thoughts that you have held about yourself previously will begin to fall apart, which is the death of the egos tyrannical dictatorship, and this is what causes the concern of, who am I? Am I still the same? And, what will happen next?”


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