Lone wolfism. 

It remains a misconception that all lone wolves and those destined to walk the path of solitude immediately embrace their inherited gifts. The world is one built around conformity, pack mentality, and societal integration. This has only further isolated the lone wolf as he or she may not understand why they do not possess as many souls within their midst as their fellow human counterparts. There is an inherent human desire to belong, coinciding with a fear of social rejection. The loner fears, yet craves integration. This wolf must learn with dedication that separation is merely but an illusion. And though their path beckons them toward solitude, the oneness among the universe should always offer them solace. It is finally okay to be alone, to enjoy your own company and not to fret about how many people there are or are not to call in times of desperate need. The world may seem as if it is moving on without them, but if it weren’t for them, the whole world would come to a stand still.. The world may never understand you, but it was never the intent for them to. The souls who were made for you will manifest to aid you, to guide you, though all the way back to you. Do not forget the mission. Do not forget thy blessed position. Aloneness is not loneliness.. Seek knowing, deep into the forest. – Lone wolf syndrome ~ a condition characterised by a feeling of isolation, driven by a spiritual force..

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