Old souls.

“Old souls typically are so different from their peer, social group and family because they have existed much longer than them all. This is also the reason they seem to have acquired so much knowledge, even at a particularly young age, none of this knowledge is exactly, ‘new’ to them, they have had so many life times to learn it and master it, so in a sense, they are only remembering it, and not learning it for the first time. Their preference of solitude is related to their need to process all of the information that is signalled to them from other planes, and also from remembering specific information from their previous incarnations. They tend to have a sensitivity parallel to none, because they have existed for so long, they have seen all of the evils of man kind, from wars, to loss, to ill treatment, and truly appreciate that the foundation and the core of existence is love, acceptance and compassion. It is also likely that they have been separated from source for so long that their craving for this intense loving energy propels them to try to recreate this with their actions on earth. Their solitude is also born of being unable to do so, given the dense, and egotistically operating nature of our general society today. In the case of empath old souls and twin flames incarnating in this time period, I strongly believe that this is their last life time, and that is why so many are being reunited with their twins, they have gathered much knowledge, but need this final push, (reconnection with source energy) to utilise all of the skills and knowledge learnt to teach others, before finally ascending. From therefore they will become masters, guides, who no longer incarnate, (unless they choose to), but rather assist other struggling empaths, and attempt to guide other twin flames remaining on earth to find one another, or learn of their divinity. Old souls are old in their eyes, their eyes hold great wisdom, and great pain, as they have known so much loss, (losing friends, family etc over several life times, over and over again). This is also the trait that gifts them with the ability to give accurate love, advice and guidance to all whom seek their counsel.”Cindy Anneh-bu, on old souls.


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