Shaman Walk.

Journey with me, on a vision quest, through time and space.. allow your mind to drift into your subconscious, and bring you to your wounds..Tell me where it hurts. In the centre? The heart chakra? Does it feel blocked? What colour is the pain that is blocking it? What colour is the light that surrounds it? Allow the light to pour into tiny, ever expanding holes in the blockage. I need you to look me deeply in the eyes when i tell you this.. I need you to trust me when i say to you that it is no longer about your father’s distance or your mother’s pain, you are entirely independent of binding chains. You do not have to look so sorrowfully, and draw back tears, painfully turning them into anger and aggression, years later. Wait not. Look me in the eyes now and let me absorb the very night that you decided that life was a series of misguided woes, and broken bones. From bones, i have weaved some of my strongest stories, and your woes are your trophies, life’s most treasured glories. And where you have been strong for far too long, i need you to throw your shoulders to the ground and allow me to carry on – Assume the role of the one who carries invisible baggage, heavy, never to be discovered..I need you to look me sincerely in the eyes when i tell you this..One day, you are no longer going to be able to hold your parents accountable for you pain. One day they will too have fallen to the pavements, like scattering rain, and again i will have to tell you..That you are no longer your father’s distance, or your mother’s endless wishing that things could be different.

And i need you to lose your pain, today. #poetry #poem #shaman #nativeamerican #art #writer #healing


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