Signs that you are an empath.

“Signs that you are an empath ~

1. You find any cruelty, to children, women or animals on TV absolutely unbearable and uncomfortable.

2. You are highly sensitive, to criticism, to body language, voice undertones and negative energy.

3. You feel uncomfortable in large crowds and highly stimulating social gatherings. You tend to notice everybody else discussing trivial matters, which both bored and irritates you. You are plagued by the notion that you stand our greatly in public. That others are watching you or analysing you, this is because you are likely doing the same to them.

4. You live for deep conversations, and can not stand people who are trivial, narcissistic, or mean spirited. You will not be the one laughing when a mean joke is made at the expense of somebody. You will be the one dwelling on how distasteful the comment was.

5. You are drawn to people who are in pain, suffering, or the underdog, whether it be in relationships, experiences, or friendships. This is because on a subconscious level you identify with how they are feeling, and your life is drawn by the desire to not allow anybody to feel the pain that you have once felt.

6. You are idealistic. You believe that the worlds troubles may be solved if every soul could be fixed of their internal afflictions, and if everybody could show one another a little more love and respect.

7. You are likely to have suffered difficult life experiences which only furthered your ability to empathise with those suffering. You see the hidden pains that others do not see, thus you rarely judge others. 8. You are likely to be highly creative, artistic or skilled in writing. This is because you have so much going on in your psyche and psychic intuition being downloaded through claircognizance and clairaudience, that you just need a way to get it all out.

”Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)

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