West African Goddesses/Deities. 

Yemoja (yemaya) – meaning (one who’s children are like fish) is a water deity//spirit of the Yoruba religion and African diaspora (direct descendants of African ancestry relating to slave ships).   She is the great mother who lives and rules over the seas and is typically depicted as a mermaid figurine, (half human-half fish). Another variation is her occasional depiction with the caduceus (snakes and spiral rod) symbolising both her divinity and healing associations. As water is essential to life, without yemaya, life on Earth wouldn’t be possible. Although she’s maternal and nurturing, she’s also fierce and her punishments can be terrible. She is also associated with stars and the full moon. Yemaya is the patron of pregnant women, and she also acts as a spiritual mother to all those who feel lost and lonely. She’ll always listen and offer maternal love to anyone who needs a mother. Across the diaspora and as languages have changed/developed, there have been variations in her names. Ghana – mami wata. Brazil – yemanja Portuguese – lemanja. Her name and concept is also vastly similar to that of the Dogon tribe who believed that a sea-like creature who rules the earth brought them sacred knowledge emme ya. #spiritual #ancientreligion #yemaya #africa #writer


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