A little bit about me, the face behind the magic. 

  If I could describe myself in one word – I simply wouldn’t! For I am a fusion of so many things, even as a poet, it is hard for me to find the correct words to articulate, talk less of describe them! Well, first of all, that is in large parts essentially just what I am – a poet. But I always felt that to label ones self merely a poet, is pretty exclusive of their other writing talents and abilities, for instance, yes I do write and very much enjoy poetry, but my heart truly belongs to writing long, fiction novels, where I can allow my vast imagination to escape into the nether realms. And then, there is the fact that I also produce children’s books, probably one of my favourite things to do because, once again, that imagination of mine gets to reconnect with my inner child! And lastly, but most certainly not least, the largest portion of my existence is spent, so happily, producing spiritual writings, anything from articles, to readings and advice. I am 22 years old, and live in London – which I would swap for Africa in a second, but for now, it can be pretty enchanting! All together, if I had to choose one word, absolutely had to? It would be spiritual. Now this is not in anyway pretentious, as we are all spiritual beings, and I do recognise this, but what I mean to say is, nothing brings fulfilment to my waking day, or existence the way that spiritual truth does. Spirituality literally saved my life. Now, my entire being is dedicated to sharing this very intimate, very sacred part of my discovery with others, whom may be seeking the same truths. I am an empath, a hyper sensitive, who has overcome, (and is still overcoming), many trials upon life’s journey, in order to walk the dark shadows, and earn my healing right of passage. Once diagnosed with both depression, and anxiety, i now have found spiritual echoes in these supposed, ‘mental illnesses’. I am the isolated child who grew up oh- so quiet, now with a voice that grows and flutters, and flows. I am the lover, the girl who never ceased to love. I am life path 7, the eternal seeker of truth. I am the 13th zodiac ophiuchus, destined to the path of healing. I am twin flame, the deepest and truest love that there is to know. I study numerology, astrology, shamanism, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, and I am obsessed with horror films, paranormal documentaries and everything spiritual! I welcome you on a journey through the rabbit hole, into the depths of the subconscious, and straight through to multi dimensional glory. Blessed be. 


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