Karmic attachments – the other spiritual relationships. 

  I think I am going a little crazy guys, I have become a little obsessed with writing books lately, and as it is I am currently producing three separate books simultaneously! My twin flame book will undoubtably be available next month, but i am currently stuck in between releasing my karmic attachment book afterward, or my empath tell all/poetry book. If you would like to help me, you may comment with which book you would prefer to be set for release first. I will release an excerpt from both, and you may choose the one you are most anticipating! #poetry #poems #poet #writer #writing #spilledink #author #love #spiritual #karma #romance #relationships To book a consultation regarding twin flames, soul mates, karmic unions, or general relationship and life style advice, email me via cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk


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