Sexuality and Spirituality – Two sides of One Coin. 

“Intimacy is not having sex. And to be honest, it is quite insulting given today’s societal climate that the two are even regarded as synonymous. sex has become trivialised, mocked even. something to be attained simply for the means of fleeting pleasure, in the eyes of many a prideful conquest, gained in attempts to silence the ravenous ego, the ego that seeks constant validation and reassurance. Intimacy is deeper than anything we could come to know. It is a branch of love yes, though viewed more as the embodiment of love. Anybody can have sex with you. Very, very few will be intimate with you. The very art of intimacy is to lay ones self bare. Not bare of clothes in a sense, but bare of pre conceptions, bare of the faces that we provide to the outside world. Intimacy is allowing somebody to know your deepest, darkest insecurities. Intimacy is telling somebody about the kind of childhood you had, and how it moulded you into the person that you are today. Intimacy is to become aware of somebody’s weakest point, yet never being tempted to use it against them.”“I have always stated that sex is, and should be, treated as the most spiritual practice. It’s effects are simply so powerful and imprinting that some traditional religions have gone so far as to deem it somewhat taboo. This is because the spirit act of sex is the act of immediate conjuring and manifestation, two actions which are associated with the spiritual realm and heightened practitioners at that! Sex is the act of Conjuring both intense emotions and energies, and if misused it can cause disastrous effects. People who engage in low vibrational sex will be familiar with the feelings of abandonment, violation, self detest, and anxiety. Sex in the vibration of love, oneness and acceptance however, is probably one of the most healing and enacting acts. It is kundalini energy, creative and awakening. Particularly, women who possess high spiritual energies can be seen creating metamorphosis within them, transforming, and healing any ailments that their sexual partner may have, emotionally and spiritually, or do the opposite, and plague him with harmful energies, depending on her aura. A woman’s part in sex is perhaps more powerful that the mans, as women are spiritual by nature, and due to the nature of their sexual organs, are receptors, embracing and absorbing into their wombs, a place of divine cleansing and restoration. Woman’s bodies are naturally self cleansing mechanisms, and they may share this attribute during sexual contact. This is what makes the twin flame activation so powerful, and I believe that it may not be fully activated unless such physical intimacy as taken place. It is during the sexual act, that the chakras of both twins align, they literally become one, and the strong spiritual nature of the feminine energy is usually transmuted to the masculine energy. This is what will help him to discover his true spirit nature. When we attempt to separate love and unity from sex, (as society primarily does these days), we retract its spiritual principles and replace them with egoic principles such as, pride, conquest and lust. In simpler terms, sex will manifest anything that you are already experiencing. If this is low vibrations, it will be magnified ten fold. This is why people who have sex to escape themselves usually fall down destructive paths, and may feel used or violated afterwards. We are so wrong to separate sex from love and sex from spirituality. We condemn men for their sexual nature, as it has been largely per-versed, and repress women for theirs. We are such a confused people now. Everything that was once beautiful, is now its opposite. Sometimes after sex women produce their own self fulfilling prophecies, filling themselves with thoughts the man will abandon them.. As their chords are now entwined, it is very likely that the thoughts behind this energy will be felt by the man, so he will in turn abandon her. Sex Creates this open portal in which you can share information telepathically back and fourth among each other. It is not something at all to be taken lightly. If we have sex with soul mates, or karmic attachments in which the goal is to learn one of our many karmic lessons, and are essentially emitting low vibrations, it is more than likely that our sexual partner is also mirroring these low vibrations, and that we have sensed these sexual energies in one another. The energy that one carries from karmic partner, to karmic partner through sex, is karmic energy. This is why the spiritual marriage (sexual intimacy), of twin flames, (deep soul connections), causes an eruption of repressed past life wounds. This is the most divine expression of love and union. Therefore, All of the karma from the two twin souls, upon sexual fusion, erupt as they are brought to the surface to be cleared and healed. In karmic attachment or soul mate  sexual partnerships, the karmic energy that is exchanged, is neither brought up for healing, nor clearing, it remains tucked away, hidden in the lower chakras of the two. The more sexual partners of this nature that one engages with, the more karma that they are inheriting. Now this works this way for both men, AND women. This is why it is most vital to decipher if the person you are sharing this energy with is truly a sacred soul counter-part, or just a karmic attachment with a particularly strong sexual attraction. If ones karmic history is marked with feelings of self disdain, malice, or betrayal, the person that they have engaged in intercourse with, will inherit these traits, taking them on to be their own. Sexuality can be seen as a language, through which messages are communicated back and fourth. Whether these messages are ones of love, and acceptance, or pain, and fear, is entirely up to the individuals to decipher, and choose. True sexuality is the highest pinnacle of spirituality, the divine manifestation of creative energy, love energy, and spiritual connectivity. It is in the act of sex with a loved one that we truly experience what it means to be entirely naked. The nakedness of the body, mind and soul. When the soul takes over during sex, (particularly tantric sex), it is the sign of the souls once more, remembering what it means to be one, a time before separation consciousness existed. Mind – ‘I am connected to you mentally. I understand that your thoughts are purely intended towards me, that you think of me in appreciation, and love’. Body – ‘ I am highly attracted to your physical essence, I willingly and openly give myself to you, in this physical manifestation that I am, with all of my imperfections, and in turn, I fully accept you in your physical manifestation, with all of your imperfections’. Soul – ‘ I recognise that I am deeply connected to you on  level that surpasses my conscious knowledge and explanation. I love you in my heart, and this I try to articulate to you. Cindy Anneh-bu.


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