The return of the Divine Feminine. 

    Wild womb-man of the forest, they said that you would come, with the roar of a thousand wilder beasts. Once again, to cause storms and awaken the lions gate, and the hunger that awakens in every womb. You are life re-set, man re-birthed and you have come to undo an ancient old curse, that stripped the divine from her throne, and erased the name goddess from thereon, and now you arrive, across stormy seas, bringing along with you the forgiveness that Adam gave to eve, and the promise to never, ever again leave. It has been exactly 13,00 years since she has breathed, and men everywhere have wept, from their souls to their feet, all for her divinity to take heed. For her to awaken within them all a sacred anecdote, that yes, it was okay to be gentle sometimes, a lion picks his days, and yes, love, and compassion and nurture reigns, rain, she has come again. #spiritual #art #poetry #poems #poet #poemsoninstagram #poetsoninstagram #spilledink #writer #creativewriting #goddess #divinefeminine


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