How I utilised the super moon for cleansing and restoration purposes. 

  Now it is undoubtable that last night’s super blood moon eclipse was the topic on everybody’s mind. And so? What was it all eventually like? Did anybody actually see Christ return? Well, yes, and NO. A return of Christ in the spiritual community is basically broken down to a simpler form and interpreted to mean the return of Christ consciousness, the recognition of source energy, divinity and rebirth In all of us, – the ability to die, and resurrect ourselves, a stronger, closer to God version of ourselves. So in many ways, yes, I did witness the return of Christ – within myself. It has been an incredibly rocky few months, entire year I would say, with so many changes unfolding, and life moving almost at an unrecognisable pace. If I didn’t stop every once in a while to catch my breath, I truly would be convinced that I was an entirely different person. So, I have spent the best part of the last month living and creating my dreams, being a writer, being of service to others, and finally uncovering the notion that I am not broken, and non-fixable. Yes, it took a considerable length of time, and a considerable amount of letting go, of releasing, and re-modifying old, solidified thoughts. If my mind, and my thoughts previously held me in a state of inferiority, and misery, then of course it was my mind that I had to tweak for any old memories and thought patterns that triggered these illusions for myself. What I found was that, upon writing down everything that I wanted to let go of, and release to the divine for cleansing, I could actually not stop writing! There were so many things over the years that absolute petrified, and wounded me to the highest degree, yet all of this time I just pushed it to the back of my psyche – injuring myself, all because I had told my ego, (and my child like self), that it was not worthy of acknowledgement – and therefore healing. These are some of the first ways in which I hurt MYSELF. First by telling myself that certain aspects of my feelings and experiences were not worthy. It has all been worthy. Every single part of my journey thus far. Finally, when I got to the bottom of the page and had jotted everything down, which included even subtle things like, ‘ I let go of this ex from this relationship, and the ways that he made me feel invaluable), i experienced the only necessary thing that was left – forgiveness. The entire leading point of the whole release was built upon this final nail in the coffin, so to speak. And this is essentially the epitome, and what Christ consciousness is all about, – the ability to be able to give and receive foegiveness, through compassion and understanding. It was time to finally let go of all the little, and big things, forgiving myself and others who had a hand in any of my baggage – intentionally, or unintentionally. After this exercise is complete, it is advisable to tear the photo into several pieces, or burn it, to signify that the words and the memories no longer hold power, nor truth in their pain over you. If you are going to use the method of fire, I ask that you be safe, exercise caution, and have a non flammable dish or basin to dispose of any burning bits of paper, or otherwise. If you would also like to take part in this cleansing practice, and utilise what is left of the super moons energy, you will need, 1. Incense. (Any kind will do really, but it helps to get particular incense designated for cleansing. Sage is even better, as it purifies the air. 2. Candles, 5 in numerology is the number of change, so yesterday I lit 5 candles. In this practice, one can also light 9, or 12 candles, as this symbolises completion and wholeness, it is all really dependent on your main focus. 3. A crystal to charge in the moonlight and soak up all of the moons healing energies. If you would like to re-stock on any of these, email me via to order and receive one of my bundles.                          4. A piece of paper and a pen, to write down everything that you wish to release.                                                    5. Complete and entire raw truth and honesty. The vital aspect of this exercise is remaining honest and open with yourself, if something comes to your mind, and you are reluctant to write it down because you think that it will stir painful memories, or embarrass you, then you are doing this all wrong. Remember, nobody else will EVER see what you write down, or relive those memories. They are yours, and yours alone to relieve. Feel free to be as raw and open as you would like, feeling no weight, ties, or blame for these situations. Remember, you are no longer attached to, nor a product of them. They just exist in the ethers.  – Cindy Anneh-bu


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