Complete empath chronicles. 

Many people spend the entirety of their lives so afraid to be alone with themselves, so afraid to explore the unknown that is the unrestricted mind. Somehow, even those of us who have never tried, are aware that deep within the unconscious mind exists a rabbit hole, that inevitably will lead them down a train of non conventional, mysterious thought. Many avoid or abandon meditation for this very reason. See, because the mind has this ability to pull in thoughts and ideas that you were not even aware were apart of your reality. This is also a form of Clairaudience (clear hearing), which is perceiving information from higher realms of divinity in thought form. One should never be afraid of the mind, for within the mind exists God. Exists all the instructions of our DNA, information that we may have stored from past lives, and upon reflection, this can all be reallocated to us. Do not fear your difference. Even if your thoughts are unusual, you are an individual, free thinking being, and you must own your non-conventional thought. It is vital for empaths, hypersensitives and star seeds to appreciate their uniqueness. The empath, and the inability to disappoint. I have spent alot of time, in the past and recently discussing empaths, because it is a topic that is most dear to my heart. I have known that i was different, perhaps special, for my whole life, and much of my earlier trauma stemmed from not being able to place a finger on my difference, and then bam! All of a sudden, almost as if by magic, i recovered my spiritual truth, and stumbled upon the term, ‘empath’. Quite frankly, i was astounded. Everything that i had ever suffered and experienced was described, perfectly to a t, almost as if the words had been sculpted specifically to describe my entire existence. Now, i devote alot of my time to doing further research about the wonderful world of empaths and incorporating my own experiences and abilities into my searchings, to create further information about what it means to be one of us, and what it means to walk this path.
One of the things that i have found from observing clairsentience in both myself, and others, is our sometimes difficulty or total inability to say no, and to mean no, as a result of a deep internal desire to people please. Many people believe that being an empath, and being a pushover, must go hand in hand, but this is incorrect, and only appears whilst the empath in question, is imbalanced. An imbalanced empath is the way that many empaths begin when they first come into their gifts, with no prior knowledge to what is happening to them or why they are feeling the way that they are feeling.
This state of being imbalanced, usually manifests itself as depression, anxiety, feelings of self loathing, worthlessness, and uncertainty. This is because of the empaths nature to absorb the energy of everything and everyone around them, particularly negative energy, as part of their mission is also to sort of clean up the earth, and rid it of excess toxins. There also tends to be a certain narrative that empaths and star beings follow, this includes, but is not limited to, some form of childhood trauma, either in the form of neglect or abandonment, shyness, isolation from other peers in earlier years, and some type of childhood bullying. All of these usually add to the feelings of uncertainty and sullenness within the empath.

Now it may be widely speculated, but my own personal theory regarding the life path of empaths, and why they experience such great difficulty, particularly in earlier years, is because, this is what propels them into their state of deep compassion, and understanding of human emotion. Only when one has penetrated the entire spectrum and ranks of emotions, can they truly understand, appreciate, and most importantly interpret emotions and energies on a wider scale. 
Also, empaths are born different. Their path must be drawn differently, if they are to take a journey separate from the majority, and not fall blind to the same illusions that capture most souls. These differences in their levels of sensitivity and integration, are almost immediately recognised by others, and most likely resented and suspected as suspicious or undesirable.
Unfortunately, as the empath does not understand their special place, nor ability, more often than not, they are left feeling that something is severely wrong with them, and cannot for the life of them understand why their path is rigged with such difficulty, and emotional and mental intensity that only extenuates their outcast persona.
Their loving, compassionate nature along with their life-long desire to fit in can for this reason, see them becoming push overs, easily manipulated, and victims of the victim complex, {see previous article}.

In attempts to keep others happy, and not to rock the boat too much, (empaths are horrified by the idea of conflict and tension), they find themselves agreeing to pretty much everything they are asked, and practically unable to say no, or voice their unfavoured opinions. Many of those who suffered childhood neglect, or abuse will have inactivated throat chakras, and find it harder to express themselves vocally as it is. 
The trick to coming out of one’s shell as an empath, and warding off the advances of the piranha tank that is the outside world, an empath must accept their true calling. To accept their truth is to realise their full potential and strength, and know that the power lies within them, as opposed to in the hands of those outside of them. They must come to understand why they have had to journey the path that they have, and that their mission on earth is to turn their sorrow into wisdom, and compassion, in order to bring the earth into an accelerated stage of healing.
Blessed be, my extra sensitive beings.
Hello, this year i will be releasing my first published book, and it will be entirely dedicated to empaths and the study of our world. Here, i have enclosed a brief preview of what is to be expected of my book. If you are interested in a copy, please let me know and i will alert you immediately upon it’s completion. Being an empath does not necessarily have to relate to becoming a hermit or a reclusive, (though this is the route that many take in order to shelter themselves from being overwhelmed by outside influences). This technique in my opinion is associated with denying your gifts, being unable to embrace them, and being untruthful with your natural self. The empath who hides, still views their gift as a burden, and is not at all prepared to utilise it to heal themselves or the ills of this realm. Therefore the gift is wasted. An empath must come into the knowledge that our gifts of healing do not lie with completely removing the suffering experienced by another. Suffering is a tool, let’s say a teaching mechanism, that exists to point a soul in the direction of their true path, alert them when they are not in alignment with self or source. So, no, the objective of the empath is not to absorb another’s suffering, but to help them to acknowledge it, and identify that such suffering even exists. Following that, the empath may begin to coach them, offer them advice, and extend compassion unseen by most. Though once more, this is not to be confused with internalising the energy of this person, and many empaths become dumping grounds for the problems of others. Whilst initially it may appear that the empath is helping the person, what they are truly doing is inheriting their pain for the moment, causing their auric field to become weakened, whilst the other person is under the temporary illusion that they have dealt with their issue. The truth is, their issue will return, because they have not dealt with it at its core, and most likely, they will be back to dump more bad energy on the unsuspecting and willing empath. Much great care must be taken not to exhaust or overwhelm ones self as an empath, as we are already dealing with the collective energy of the world, and many of us also with ancestral karma. It is important to differentiate between healing others, and aiding them in their destructive behaviour. Empaths are the teachers. Now how far would you have got in school if your teacher completed all of your home work and tests for you? The fate of the children of the moon is the fate of the lover. As the moon is directly associated with effecting emotional moods, and inducing lunacy, (behavior associated with madness), it is the perfect deity to describe those who are filled with such raw emotion, their very existence belongs to the sharp exchanges of happiness, and euphoria, to sadness and anger, almost in a second. The children of the moon know no in-between. Their affections run so far and so wild, but when bruised, damaged, or unable to express themselves, they become the polar opposite of their light stricken nature. Much like the moon herself. When she is touched by the light of the sun, she is brightly visible, full and in charge, when going through dark times however, she is associated with newness, (the new moon), and as such the darkest of times are the times in which these children must focus on their growth. The children of the moon are those placed on this earth to distribute the highest form and the purest version of love that there is, but deep down, they know that the state of the earth is pushing them away, into decline, further and further sinking them into a deep depression, telling them that they are unwanted. And then there are their earth parents who just do not know that their little seedlings are in-fact not their own, but belong to the moon. And then there are the relationships that result in endless torment and leave the moons already weary children feeling so hopeless, and not so special at all. Who should break the news to them that they are of the stars indeed? A cluster of souls have incarnated onto the planet at this specific time to bring about a new dawn, isn’t that amazing? we have many names for these particular souls who are currently using their collective and individual gifts to heal the earth of its many accumulated woes; empaths, indigos, star seeds and rainbow children. Although all of their missions are separate, they share the common goal of incarnating at a time where the earth requires the most healing, as they come of age. It is no secret that the earth is currently a victim of harmful energies and devastating turmoil! These souls usually share a specific activation, that will slowly and surely allow them to remember and re-piece their truthful spiritual nature. There are a few recognisable traits among them. 1. The old soul. These people are typically loners, they are known for being different from the group, often wise beyond their years. 2. Hyper sensitivity – as these souls are attuned to a higher frequency (for obvious reasons) they usually find discomfort trying to merge into this realm, and as a result develop a heightened sensitivity to the goings on. This also develops their sense of empathy, and proves very useful to their healing responsibilities. Whilst this may appear to be simply new age jargon, many ancient cultures have spoken of this very same concept. for more visit, Empath – What am i and why do i feel the way that i do? (The extra-sensitive being).

An empath is a special individual who is born with the natural gifts and abilities to perceive the emotions, thoughts and energy of those around them. These beings are the ‘feelers’ as they feel their way through life deeply connected and rooted to the subtle shifts and changes that may go unnoticed to the eyes of anybody else. They are highly intuitive beings, holding a very strong connection to their intuition, typically rendering them more spiritually adapt and inclined.For this reason, an empath may be able to decipher the way that you are feeling without you telling them, or show greater understanding to those who are often judged or mistreated. They have a natural affinity to the smaller detailing in life, the deeper meanings behind things and most find themselves dedicating their entire lives to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Because they are so connected to the earth and her vibrations, they are incredibly sensitive to light, sounds, smells and energy, as they literally interpret, internalise and become anything/anyone that they come into contact with. The mission of these particular beings is to carry out their existence as the healers of this realm and others. They must utilise their extra sensory abilities of interpreting and embodying energy, to guide the path of others, bringing them closer to their authentic selves, whilst enabling them to reflect on their current positions. One could say that empaths bear the weight of the world, and walking around feeling everything often proves challenging, and in many cases unbearable to the untrained empath, whom is neither aware, nor embracing of their psychic abilities. For this reason, the gift of being an empath can be seen as a curse, rather than a blessing in the eyes of many who posses it and western philosophy even goes so far to diagnose the energy influx of it as mental disorders, ‘anxiety; and ‘depression’. Many empaths will recognise that they have experienced these same symptoms or have been diagnosed with a form of mental illness. Families with a great history of negative karmic debt may produce an empath along the line who suffers depression, for healing to occur. Empaths unconsciously tend to seek out souls in pain, both in order to heal them and also heal the mirror parts present within the empath. People are naturally drawn to empaths, they do not know why, but there is something soothing in the empath that comforts them. As an introvert and empath, i detest anxiety charged situations, uncomfortable interactions and negative energy exchanges. I tend to flee. Many empath women carry trauma from their entire family line of women, associated with abandonment and rejection. Empaths, you are advised to cry, and cry often. It is a means of catharsis, purification. The negative energy belongs to the void, not you. It is no sense being an observer and an absorber of the earths collective pollutant energy if you do not release it, transforming it. It is not yours to keep, you must release it into the cosmos, as compassionate energy, not the pollutant that it once was.


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From a very early age, it was clear to see that my path was one paved with difference. Inspiration, intuition, and imagination gripped me long before I could find my feet. I walk the life path of 7, so I am irreversibly bound to the realm of mysticism, spiritualism, and esotericism. I do not belong to this world, for I am a 'tween', always in between worlds. I am the commander of serpents, belonging to the glorious, and forbidden 13th zodiac of ophiuchus. Hidden in secrecy, to one day return as the divine feminine awakens. Love, is my speciality, and has governed my existence. I now use a combination of intuition, natural healing ability, astrology, psychology, sociology, and numerology to bring clarity, healing, and understanding to all. With the energy of ophiuchus running through me, I could never turn away from the path of healing, nor teaching. Not only does ophiuchus represent healing, but also the crevices of the dark shadows that we must crawl through to find our path to healing, in other words, the shamanic process of death, and re-birth, which has pretty much been the summation of my existence thus far. Long gone are my days of depression, I have re-claimed my divinity, and I desire nothing more than to help you to also claim yours. Not only the seeker, I am also the lover. Part of the many trials that I have endured upon this empathic journey, are that of heart break, and abandonment consciousness. For this reason, I have become an advocate for healthy loving relationships, and the harmony between the two sexes. This has taken me on a deep quest, to uncover ancient old secrets, and deeply entrenched beliefs, about man, about woman, and what this reads about where we are to. My eternal life drive and motto revolves around this simple theory, 'Where there is an outcome, there has existed a cause'. My particular areas of interest and expertise lie with sociology, psychology, spiritualism, philosophy, and literary, and creative writing. As I have a deeply intense desire to both serve, and aid humanity, I have naturally been drawn toward topics that have provided me with a more in depth account of societal behaviour, and as it stands, human kind. My roots are as deeply rooted as they can be, stemming from Ghanaian parents, who were raised, and both skilled in the art, and knowledge of superstition, and divination wisdom, it is no surprise that the blood flowing through my veins compels me to do such work, so relentlessly. Unlike other bloggers, this work featured here is not a mere hobby, it is more than just my livelihood, it is the calling of which i cannot ignore. Another prominent focus of mine, is mental illness. Not comfortable, nor fully sold with the western idealisms of the implications of such, i seek research, personal experience, and observation to prove, that many mental illnesses hold spiritual connotation, particularly as the mind is an avid translator of spiritual energies. Follow me on this journey as i discover myself, retrace my roots, fall deeply in love with my heritage, and finally accept my awkward, unorthodox societal position. To book one of my services, and allow me to guide you back to the soul, email me via I offer dream interpretation, tarot reading, therapy, numerology readings, and see through the eyes of the lover.. To contact me across all of my platforms, follow me on instagram to keep up with my latest quotes, and mystically inclined photography @spiritualpoetess_ To keep up with my snappy, sassy, and spiritually laced motivational tweets, find me on twitter @spiritualpoet_ Facebook like page

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