Healing parental wounds and energetic blockages. 

Usually the feeling of not belonging, and being rejected is directly related and born from fears and behaviours learnt in childhood. For this reason, it is my belief that forgiving ones parents is a huge and final step in releasing energetic blockages and reaching enlightenment and wholeness. The true meaning of a curse is an energy blockage that becomes stored in the collective unconscious, and transferred from generation to generation. It is highly likely that parents who scarred their children in any form, mentally, emotionally, or physically, only did so because this is what they themselves were taught to do, this is most likely to do with the ways that they were raised and the methods that were passed on to them. People who can not move on from pain accumulated in childhood and forgive parental wounds, tend to go on to perpetuate these same mistakes/templates with their own children, and thus the template of hate, abuse, control, and misery is stored within that DNA group. This is why even those who say, ‘I never want to be like my father’, for instance, will still go on to become this person. When one understands that the pain that has followed them relating to childhood stigma, is also carried by their parents, they may begin to look at things from a more compassionate, understanding perspective. Consequently, this means that the parents of these children are also deeply suffering, although unfortunately for them, they have not found productive methods to deal with their pain, or, in many cases, they are not even aware of the roots of their underlying behaviours and struggles. The baggage carried on through to later relationships, and social behaviours is with no doubt heavy, and a difficult burden to carry, but the only reason that it exists, is because deep down, either in the subconscious or unconscious mind, this individual truly believes all of the derogatory things said, or done to them. If their case of abuse was verbal, and they were constantly informed that they were wrong, or not good enough, they may have internalised this to be concrete truth, and thus a self fulfilling prophecy is born, where this individual truly begins to behave in ways that adhere to the idea that they are always wrong, or not good enough. Similarly, all of the friends, experiences, and situations that they attract will also reflect these deeply embedded beliefs, as this shapes the way that they view and experience the world. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that in the journey toward wholeness and enlightenment, all carriage taken from negative childhood experiences is released. These are stored within the ego, and the ego constantly seeking affirmation and reassurance, will take/absorb information that backs these beliefs from every single scenario. Understanding that parents who abuse, hurt, or mistreat us, are also in deep pain, and are simply sharing their inherited energy, is freeing to those of us who took on these beliefs thinking that they were in anyway directly as a result of us. It is time to remodel the way that we think of, and see ourselves, understanding that the only assertion of who we are, is ourselves, and the control that we exert over our own lives. Blessed be sacred souls ~”Cindy Anneh-bu


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