Sample Readings. Astrology, Numerology And Love, By Cindy. 

Clients reading – Advice/interpretation/reading.    Testimonial – Bb. 
I received the reading on the 30th, and cried for the first two days. By Saturday, I was feeling better, and on Sunday, I was preparing for the Super Blood Moon. I meditated under the moon near candlelights that night during the eclipse, and that was the first time I’ve ever meditated with phrases. It felt so grounding yet freeing, I’d never felt anything like it. My being literally felt like it transcended my body and I found peace/clarity there. The very next day, a man walks up to me on the street and starts talking to me about blessings and how everyone has a purpose in your life. I kept trying to get him to leave me alone because most men typically aren’t genuine about their intentions, but it turns out that he had a message for me. We’re now friends and he’s been teaching me about the dangers of attachment and how it prevents growth/peace. He intuitively knew about my situation and has been trying to help me heal from it. I’m now learning to be understanding and compassionate, rather than fearful and possessive. Each day I’m shedding a pound of the weight that I felt from my Karmic Union, and each day I’m becoming more and more confident within myself. It’s such a delicious transition, I can’t help but get excited about how it all feels. However, I don’t think I would’ve been quite ready had it not been for your confirmation. Like I said, I already knew, but seeing it as your words gave me the strength. Now I don’t think I could ever go back. The life ahead of me is far too appealing to compromise, and it’s appeared so suddenly. I didn’t know the Universe was capable of working so fast but I’m grateful that it did.
I don’t think that I can thank you enough, but I won’t go on about this forever.

Thank you so much, love and light to you, BB.                                 

                2. One of my clients who came to me seeking advice for the push – pull dynamic in her relationship, and how it was affecting her own well being. 

  Testimonial – S.G  

  3. Clients reading on topsy/turvy love. Many of our relationship dysfunctions occur because we still have unresolved wounds/karmic patterns learnt from childhood, I explain this here more.  

  Testimonial – j.s  You’re completely right when you said that I seek love from external forces. I’ve noticed this a few years back. And I do understand that people are mirrors in our life. But how do I get away from attracting others that are in pain? I do understand that I deserve much better. That I deserve to be loved. I guess I’m asking how do I start the healing process and eventually get past this pain. 
And cutting someone off is easier said than done. Especially when I know he’s in pain, whether he registers it or not. Some part of me wants to help him, but I know you can’t help people who aren’t open to receiving it. 
And thank you for your kind words. I read the second email and immediately started crying. Growth is hard.                                

                             4. Twin flame unions are especially difficult. This is why some people often assume that twin flames never get together, or that it is impossible for them to ever reunite – or even worse, that the entire Union does not even exist! It is important to determine the dynamics of all of these unions, they are categorised by dilemmas. 3D perceptions clashing with soul and heart truths. One of my clients came to me experiencing what I would call the separation stage – ooh the sting and the difficulty of this particular stage!  

   Testimony – S.G  







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