Candy cane dreaming on a summer’s day and i can not stop thinking of love. Up high. 
In the clouds above, 

and i have a sickly love of day dreams and a sickly dream of love. 

However, i can not quite seem to separate the two,

nor shake the feelings of summer blues,

melodic tunes, out of the boom box

like broken cues,

ah, ah you

you will find your way, someday, somehow,

but who is to say that you can not throw your hands to the wind now?

and sing harmonies with alcoholic berries in your cup?

who is to say you can not throw your shoes to the side and escape,

bare foot out into the distance, into the sullen night

nothing is perfect right now, and by God why does it need to be?

you are twenty-odd something with a dream,

make a wish, make it brisk, take a risk,

and let it be

suck on your breath and blow on a dandelion,

keep on flying,

love, keep on trying. #writer #poems #poetry #art #poetsociety


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