And you still exist within my soul within my poems, so how dare i mourn a love that is home? never alone, i say, i say, and you scream from the roof top ceiling of my mind,
‘you will never forget me in time’

and how can i?

‘i am an endless part of your rhymes’

and everytime that i compose a poem with words of love and comfort and soul, it is you guiding my pen from hidden shadows in the corners of the rooms that i compose these very pieces.

i have no photos with you, my memories were once so strong they told me that there were no use for photos.

no use to capture what will always be

and now i find you in this state of confusion, and you do not want to hurt me, but sweety when you hurt me, words bleed into poetry, knees grow weak until i seek higher prosperity.

do not worry about wounding the wounded, for i have been hurt so many times the taste alone is bitter-sweet,

and look, and look, it taught me to write poetry!

i will be loving you until we reach infinity.. #poetry #poems #poet #poetsociety #writer.


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