Cleansing & Renewal Rituals. 

  Fire is a transformative element. This means, that it holds the ability to alter, morph, and re-arrange the entire make up of a substance, just think, paper, and even the human body, to ash. In this way, fire represents change, often rapid change, but not just any change, but more specifically the change from one state to another, where nothing is replaced, only re-arranged. I find this to be the perfect metaphor for the human condition and human emotion. Instead of changing our selves by adding something different to that which we already are, the objective should only be re-arranging what we ALREADY have to work with. You are not broken, with no opportunity to be mended, you are simply bent, and with a little transformative element, you too can take on new form, & new shape, in that way, you have not died, but have been reborn. This is a specific ritualistic/purification method that I have practiced for a long time now, for letting go of things & persons that no longer serve me. I typically write out all of the things that I am letting go of on a piece of paper, light a candle, affirm in my head that I wish them to be delivered to the ethers, & returned in different form, and burn the contents of the paper I have written on. PLEASE always ensure that if you are going to take part in this practice, you use a bowl or plate that is anti-flammable & try to ensure you have some sort of fire extinguisher at hand, just in case of any emergency. If you would like to further enhance safety, you may make sure that you only do this in the park, a forested area, or your garden. Those practicing this under the age of 18 may want to request supervision from an older family member or guardian. Remember that everything is all about the power and the energy of intention, much like prayer, & much like magic itself! This is an ancient cleansing method, & so far it has worked for me in releasing things. Even if you do not believe in the power of energy, why not give the placebo effect a go? The full description and talk through of this ritual method& what is needed is included in detail in my bundles for those trying to undo romantic ties. #spiritual


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