The Twin Flame Template – Book Sample. 

  The twin flame Union begins in childhood, yes in childhood. Both twin flames during child hood are to struggle in a world and a family that does not understand their hyper sensitivity nor special empathic needs. I do not mean to say that Twins meet in childhood, (as most do not), but this is where the imprints of their unique mission take shape. This shaky start, along with being born into a dysfunctional family setting will set them off on their journey to acquiring vast wisdom, and eventually a spiritual break through in the form of a dark night of the soul. The families that they are born into, usually possess an exceptionally large accumulation of what we may call bad karma, associated with abuse, neglect and abandonment. Both twin flames will have the enormous responsibilities of releasing these templates and rewriting their biological history – for the good of both their family line, their own karma, and the collective karma. But before they can do this, they will become so heavily plagued and possessed by all these illnesses, when they cure themselves, they can cure the world. Their meeting brings an acceleration of this knowledge.  – my twin flame book will be released in December. Orders will begin being taken from next month.  



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