Photo credit: Ellen Rogers.                       “People who do not love themselves are most likely to inflict malicious wounds and injury on other. People who do not love themselves are acting largely out of ego, it is the only thing that they know how, they have a bruised inner child. Somewhere along the way, somebody caused them to feel inferior, and inadequate, and they carry that bitterness out into the world. These types of narcissists particularly seek out warm, and compassionate souls whom they view as weaker, yet beneficial to their glory. Empath souls who are un-grounded continuously fall victim to these types as they mirror their self love/self belief issues in a different way. This will also tie into the empaths feelings of inferiority, as the narcissist will truly treat them as such. This is why it is so vital for empaths to activate their throat chakra and work through timid consciousness! Look people dead in the eye…”
Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet


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