Numerology, Astrology, And Love, By Me. 

  I have been dabbling in, and relentlessly involved in the deep search and mystery that is numerology for just over a year now. Since then, I have found it my mission to enquire knowledge about the vibration of every single number, and the meaning behind it. Considering, the entire make up of our universe can be brought down to specific mathematical co-ordinates, it is no secret that numbers are essentially the language of God. The truth behind why things exist as they do, is because they were programmed to behave that way. Such, this theory and this thought brought me a great appreciation, and fixation with numerology, after locating my own life path and being awe struck with the accuracies. I then, was extremely fortunate enough to fall in love with a man who was my spiritual perfection – balancing soul. His life path number also brought me great indication of our union, the struggles that we faced, the intense soul connection and understanding that we held, and generally gave me some insight into the workings of his mind/past. If you would like to schedule a reading with me to find out your own life path, AND the life path of your significant other, email me today to place a booking via as part of my services, I also provide in depth advice about specific situation, tarot readings, and bundles, including hand written personalised letters. Message me for rates/bookings/availability.                   

           Sample. – Life path 7 and Life path 5, lovers chart. You are the amazing, and the one and only, life path 7! Just like me.. And your significant other is life path 5! Life path 7 is known as the MOST spiritual number in numerology, aside from the master numbers. This is the number of the seeker, the thinker, the researcher, and in most relationships, they are probably very likely to become the over thinkers, analysing every detail and situation with their partner. You also may be likely to be highly critical of your partner as you are more inclined to notice the little details in their imperfections, and lack of consistency. Life path 5, is the number of change, growth, adventure and spontaneity! This is how it differs from number 7, who prefers mental growth and intellectual achievement, usually over the fast moving, fast paced life style. Number 5’s tend to be highly extroverted, restless In nature and always seeking the next pleasure thrill, whilst the number 7 is more introverted, and reserved, and may even find annoyance in the hyper active and indecisive nature of the 5, however, this may also work in their favour, as they potentially balance one another out, and offer the other an effective exchange in energy. The 5 can open the 7 up to a new, exciting and thrilling life, where they may momentarily leave their deep, analytical thinking behind and just enjoy and experience the moment with the 5. Mean whilst, the 7 may offer the 5 balance with the introduction of self reflection, and consideration for others, which they sometimes lack. The number 5 is not a bad, or a wicked person, they just tend to seek freedom at the expense of all others, whether this may hurt the feelings of those around them, the ability to move, change things around, and find new experience are priority to them. One might even say that the 5 is filled with a certain loneliness, and does not know how to quell it and therefore constantly jumps from thrill, to thrill in search of an anecdote. Whilst the 7 WILL dwell on their painful life experiences, and grow shrivelled and depressed because of this, the life path 5 keeps themselves so busy, that they have neither the time, nor the care to ponder old wounds – though this usually means that they are running! The number 7 specifically belongs to the mind, God, detection, and discovery, for this reason they possess a high level of intellectual ability, and can be caught over thinking, obsessing over, and depressed about their romantic situation. This could possibly prove troublesome with a relationship with the life path 5, as their sensitivity to criticism, means they are likely to bolt, and retreat in the face of confrontation, even if all the 7 really wants to do is communicate their array of thoughts. The challenge here, will be for the 7 to seek balance in the ways of the 5, learn to lighten up, not take things too seriously, and almost balance their hermit ways with adventure, and self discovery – outside the boarders of the mind! One can get lost in the mind, should they spend too much time there. It is most likely that both the 7, and the 5 have had painful pasta and childhoods, but the 7 deals with this by internalising the pain, whilst the 5 usually decides to remain irresponsible, denying their pain and watching it manifest in other sinister ways, such as addiction and in inability to commit to things, places, people and situations. The 7 is highly likely to be an empath, they have psychic tendencies and can usually sense when something is wrong, however, because they are also highly anxious, sometimes their predictions are a little off, and they may stir an argument with the 5, when truly it is only their own mind and fantasies that plague them. The 7 is also the life path of the loner, this life path is likely to have a natural defence against the world, they may try to socialise and integrate with society, but even if they do this with some ease, they will need to retreat to the safety of their own comfort, before long. The 5 however, absolutely craves being the centre of attention, meeting new people, and these people truly enjoy the spontaneity, and free spirit of the 5, though the 5 tends to attract temporary people as they mirror the 5’s flippant, and ‘temporary’ behaviours. Truly, the 7 is the perfect balance and the best option that the 5 could ever hope to have! Not only does the 7 offer the number 5 comfort, nurturing and security, but it also offers the 5 logicality, and the ability for self awareness, which the 5 so desperately needs should they ever hope to stop running from themselves and chasing some sort of elusive happiness! However, because the 5 tends to fear commitment, and becoming ‘bored’, or ‘unhappy’, the challenge will be in them maturing enough to witness the treasures that they have in front of them. The number 5 can indeed be a loyal and supportive partner, but in order to do so, they require a partner who understands their need for both fluidity, and room to grow, however, the balanced 5 will understand that a relationship requires some level of consistency and endurance. The 7 is also a fantastic relationship partner full of love, and the desire to share, though only if they can stop criticising themselves, and their partners enough, to see the positive nature behind things. They should also try and be less rigid, opening themselves to the possibility of change, and social ventures. I hope that you enjoyed your reading my darling, blessed be ~ 


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