“Why do people seem to leave us when everything in our lives is already going wrong? 


“Why do people seem to leave us when everything in our lives is already going wrong? Well, this is an interesting question, and it would seem from a lot of the questions that I receive, and for many of my clients, this is very true, and a very difficult one. Usually, at the point of rock bottom, when everything else is declining, life seems to remove the most important, reliable, or significant people around us, and once more, we are left with nothing, and nobody to lean on in our times of comfort. Or rather, things will exist the opposite way. We will lose somebody of great significance and worth in our lives, and then everything else almost in a synced response, also begins to go down the drain.

Of course, this causes even further discomfort, as now, on top of missing/yearning for this person, (people), and wondering if you will ever make up, you also have the added angst of dealing with life’s other messes. But all of this makes such a great deal of sense in the wider scheme of things. When we are about to experience great change, or when we have remained stagnant for longer than the universe can stand, things that symbolise different aspects of our life will be shaken up, stripped from the immediate equation, causing the individual in question to re-analyse the aspects of their life that this person,(people) represented.

For instance, if somebody is experiencing financial difficulty due to their inability to chase their dreams and conquer their fears, they may have somebody in their life who offers them regular financial support, in other words, the person who is sustaining or aiding them, whilst they are in this difficult financial time. The universe will then see that this person be abruptly removed from their life, through which they are supporting. This is because with the added and frequent support of this person, the individual in question would never have the urgency, or necessity to push beyond their barriers, and find a way to their own successes. Their dependence on the financial income from their loved one would leave them far too comfortable to ever confront or look to real issues that are deterring them from progression.

Example number 2. A woman who is not yet familiar with self love, and is in desperate need of healing may be in a relationship with the most loving, attentive, sensitive and providing man, and then one seemingly spontaneous day, this man may get up and say that he is leaving, and sure enough, he will leave. This will leave the woman in this instance extremely distressed, wounded and alone. But alas, she would finally be left with no option but to seek self love, and, seek her own mending, as she truly acknowledges that healing can never be substituted for external love, and must begin within.

The universe will have seen her co-dependent and anxious behaviours as a desperate cry for help, (the self love kind), and no matter how loving this man is, the universe would orchestrate that he leaves her life, instead doing her a great service.

When we are alone and we have nothing, we have nobody to use as a distraction any longer, we have no choice but to finally face ourselves, going deeper within than we have ever gone. Finally, the time of great development and enlightenment must know no distraction whatsoever! So if there have been things in your life keeping you preoccupied with things that just do not match your pressing souls purpose, they will be stripped from you, gradually or suddenly.

This may include a job, that no matter how hard you work at, you just feel miserable at, and now? You have found that you are getting laid off. What to do now? Why, start that business that you have always wanted to of course, finally offer your compassionate energies, and light work abilities toward uplifting humanity.

And finally, the last analogy, if one has a best friend who is always present to uplift them, and offer them guidance and strength in times of despair, they will never learn how to appropriately be there for self, cultivate self strength, lean on themselves, seek their own intuition, and find the best solutions for themselves.

Instead, whilst in this friendship, they consistently avoid doing this as they know that they have somebody else to do this for them. This may also cause them to be energetic vampires, transferring all of the energies that they do not want to face, onto their friend, (friendships). Essentially, losing people at crucial points in our lives are signs and symbols from the divine. Try to take a look at what these people represented, and how they may or may not have aided you in your co dependent behaviours. This is not to say that these people will never reunite with us, but whilst we are using them to fill gaping wounds within, they will naturally be repelled from us. Nobody likes to feel used, even if unintentionally. This is something that we can work on today.





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