Tarot of the day. What did Retrograde mean for you? 

  The Chariot is the card of transportation and advancement along the path of life. The Chariot is commonly depicted drawn by 2 or more creatures. In the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot by 2 sphinx, one black and one white. In many other decks it is drawn by 4 horses, one for each of the classical elements of water, earth, fire and air. The driver of The Chariot is master of what pulls him along life’s path. This is a positive card indicating advancement or achievement through mastery of the forces of life, striking a working balance with dualities. In it’s simplest interpretation it can indicate actually travelling across land or a motor vehicle that the person is in control of.

Numerology: The Chariot is card number 7 of the major arcana. This is the numer of introspection, planning and spirituality. Although in numerology the number 7 indicates a day of rest and not of travel its relevance to The Chariot is in its theme of thinking ahead. No one embarks on a journey without first planning a route. Success as a navigator on the path of life is best achieved when one plans the route ahead rather than letting the forces of life just pull you along. 

 Interpretation by Cindy, ‘you have come along way now, and have nearly arrived at your destination. It has taken you so many long, hard nights, but you have finally found that the destination toward happiness, is the journey itself, the efforts it takes, the mistakes that you make, and the lessons that they grace you with. You have finally witnessed how your triumphs always stem from your trials, the two are interchangeable. Before you arrived at this pit stop, you were blessed with endless opportunities for growth, expansion, and new direction, though you did not see it. At times, you were being specifically tested, being made so uncomfortable that you would have no other option but to return back to source, still you remained stubborn. Finally, stormy seas came, watery weathers swept you in their midst and you could no longer ignore your calling, thus you ignored your passion. You have collected many worthy accolades in this journey that we call life, and you are a master, on their last ride. So what did this retrograde mean for you?  It meant that for the first time, you were able to fully establish, and assert yourself in your new way of being. You have had time to think, ponder any loose ends, and now you are aware with clarity and with certainty, what seeks improvement, and which areas require further healing. You have everything that you need now to proceed with this healing. you have not been sulking, or reverting to old ways, rather you have identified a wound that remains wounded, either through a mirror version of yourself, or first hand self awareness of a situation, and how it may or may not have triggered you. You have the keys in your hand. You know how to build a home now, and how to mark healthy self respect, and external respect boundaries. Your efforts have been challenged, your faith has been questioned, and your new found beliefs shaken, but you have stood your ground. Now that we are leaving Mercury retrograde as but a mere distant memory, we can feel safe to step into action, our full capabilities, and nourish our destination, thus far. We now understand how our thoughts, actions and beliefs influence the world around us, and we are ready to take not only responsibility, but proactive action toward the life that we desire, know that we deserve, and are destined for. Memories from the past of the painful kind may have flashed in our minds during this period of introspection, along with strange, ambiguous dreams. Your subconscious mind and your higher self are still working with you to heal any blockages and parts of yourself and others that you have not made peace with. The Angels are also working with you, to better, and further your understanding. Blessed be, Cindy ~      #spiritual #mercuryretrograde 


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