Twin Flames And Retrograde – Book Sample. 

“If you are enduring a twin flame separation period, retrograde will intensify your longing for them, I am sorry to inform you.. This will also include intensified dreams about them, and even sensing their energy, but fear not, it will strengthen the love on their side of the pool for you also. The less conscious twin will find this coming period extremely uncomfortable as they struggle to get you out of their mind, though you are so deeply embedded in their conscious. Every time you focus your energy on thoughts of your twin, memories with your twin, you are sending energetic stimulants directly to their heart chakra, in the form of, ‘remember me’. The less conscious twin has absolutely no idea what is happening, and will fear he is losing his grip on reality and himself entirely. Ah, but this is just in time for the ascension waves of September..This will close the gap even further between twin flames. This is not to say that Twins whom are separated will necessarily be reunited in the physical, but the etheric bodies of the twins will unite, as it is rumoured that twin flames share one higher self, this is the time when the higher self will become more known to both parties. A time of unscheduled fate, accelerated spiritual growth and guidance that comes in the form of lessons. Whether twins reunite now, or in years to come, (depending on the individual situation), they will by now be in the preparation stages of fulfilling their divine mission of service to others, and gathering the knowledge and tools that they require to do so. 

The universe has been screaming at this person, ‘hey, when are you going to identify with your truthful spiritual nature?’ And this is why you, being the more spiritual twin are so drawn to him/her at this time, you know that your spiritual energy is JUST what they need.”  If for instance, you once thought that somebody was your twin flame, or that you were a twin flame, and you turned out not to be, there is no shame or discredit to your own individual union. Sometimes I feel that too many people allow themselves to be caught up in the concept, and the romanticised view of soul/eternal love. The twin flame Union is not about the glorification of love, this is more of a soul mate issue, as twin flames share a spiritual love, that does not, (and generally will not), gain admiration or accolades from the outside world. All relationships are designed to teach us about ourselves and others, so there is no such thing as wasting your time. A twin flame relationship is only the ultimate relationship for those who ARE twin flames, as they have practically been in preparation for this for their whole lives. NOT everybody will have a twin flame, and this is okay. However, most people who believe that they have a twin, and then later discover that they do not, tend to go on to develop a bitter view of the Union, and go on to be citical of its existence. 

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