The shamanic healers journey. 

  “In the moment of extreme despair where death or suicide crosses your mind, I believe that indeed you do die. You give permission for a part of your soul to undergo and experience death, and as powerful as the mind is, sure enough your wishes are heard and granted. So you die. So a part of your soul enters exile, and experiences what it means to truly die, to truly let go of the 3D experience, and enter a world away from here. This world away teaches one about the very nature of their death, of their sicknesses, and tells them how to heal these sicknesses present in others. Yes, in essence, depression is death, and one does not come back the same, one comes back touched with new knowledge, knowledge only obtained through knowing that death is not an ending, and beyond the boarders of life, and death, exists the great spirit, with great knowledge. The similar analogy to this is Christ experiencing crucifixion, only to emerge days later, an ascended, spiritually lighter version of himself. This is also spoken of in shamanic traditions where it is believe that a soul is possessed, (emotionally), by darker energies that manifest as depression, in order for the soul to later become a healer. This is done by the soul travelling the underworlds of their darkness, and upon calling their soul back, now holds the antidote, healing cure for the rest of humanity’s soul ills.” Cindy Anneh-bu  (via spiritualpoet)


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