So what does it REALLY mean to be an empath? What is behind all of this? 

  Empath – quite a peculiar word, no? Well, I think so. I cannot quite remember the first time that I stumbled upon it, though I believe it to be through an episode of charmed, (my absolute favourite programme growing up, no doubt)! But, in this instance of hearing it, or viewing it, I brushed it off, to be nothing more than mystical script writings of an over imaginative Hollywood director. It was not until years later, that I came into my growth, both spiritually and mentally, that I recognised charmed to actually contain many spiritual truths, and interpretations, empathy being one of them. There are many empaths world wide, who are extremely aware that something is very different about them, and that they have this dual voice/perception in their thoughts at all times, but have no idea what at all it is, or that it even has a name! Luckily, upon taking my spiritual journey one step further, and reaching into my authentic self, the universe cleverly aligned me with this word, and for the first time, I was able to read every single issue that have ever plagued me, everything I had never been able to make sense of, and understand that I wasn’t some freakish experiment, or somewhat insane. So what exactly is an empath you ask? Well, in simpler terms, think of the word empathy. Too far? Okay, think of the word sympathy, much easier to start with, right? We recognise sympathy as the feeling of being sorry, or regretful that somebody else is experiencing pain. We may talk to a friend who has recently lost a parent, and instantly feel incredibly sad FOR them, wondering what it could possibly be like to be in their shoes. And that is the key word, and the key difference between empathy and sympathy. Whilst sympathy leaves you uncomfortably imagining what the individual may be feeling, empathy means that we actually DO feel what the person is experiencing. Our heart will clench and tighten with the same pain, we may find ourselves unable to shake this feeling that we too have lost someone, and are very likely to pour our entire selves into trying to uplift them – in hopeful attempts that this will also uplift us! Now, every human being is born with empath (supposedly), I mean this is a human trait, and it is even theorised that once upon a time on earth, we were all empaths, until our separation from source, and each other, got a little wider! However, this does not mean that EVERYBODY is an empath, as empaths cannot pick and choose when their empathy is active, and it is non selective or preferential to those the empath cares for, or those within their immediate circle. The empath feels everybody’s pain, no matter how far, or close they aren’t, and feels a very specific and intimate duty toward the mistreated and down trodden. The empaths desire to fix the ‘brokenness’, in others, goes far beyond anybody’s understanding or knowledge. This is probably because the right of passage in emerging in truth and strength as an empath, typically sees the empath have a string of heart wrenching and unfortunate life circumstances, due to their high level of sensitivity and general emotional openess. I know right – what a gift indeed! But it is truly a gift. Despite the days where I may be at war with myself, and my abilities, despite the days I long to be ‘tougher’, there is no greater feeling in this world than existing as a home, a safe zone, for those who feel the pain that you have once felt. Empathy is an advancement in evolutionary skill, as it kills the theory that we are all separate, void of connectivity. Empaths do not need words to feel pain, the look in somebody’s eyes, their presence in a room, and even more so? The things that they do not say. #empath #spiritual #writer #writing  



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