The deepest love that my soul could know. 

   “I am so taken by you, I can shout it from the roof tops now, that I am free. Free from all of the shackles that once told me I was too tainted to be free, I waited too long to be me, and then I saw you, loving me as if I was perfection incarnate, so as fate would have it, that is what I became, perfect with you, a bubble of love, and trust, and welcome homes I had never see on entry mats on the floors. My love, I adore this thing we have created here, given birth to an energy, and I see it in you, and you see it in me, and now we know of our delicacies, healing tendencies, you brought out the best in me. I promise you, I promise you that this is real, I know that we have known so much destruction, and loss, at evil
Costs, and even through one another, but there is no other mirror I would have wound me, like myself. And we find ourselves on the shelf, the final cross roads, will you go? Heaven knows. Even should you not, I will meet you on the other side of tomorrow, I swear it, you will follow my soul right out into the darkness and dance with it, as you always have, even when I have resisted. Because deep down you always knew, what I know now. Though you do not know.. Little love, you will know. You are everything to me.”
Cindy Anneh-bu


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