The ego, and the mask. 

  Tis the spirit of courage, have you been made aware of it? A great calling to delve within and reassess notions of love, self and romance that we have acquired from external mediums. The egoic self is the mask that we present to the rest of the world. The conscious mind that is aware of our conscious thoughts and conscious actions, and pieces together a persona based upon the society we live in, the values we hold, and how we hope to integrate into that society. This ego person is only a fraction of who we are, and does not represent our entirety whatsoever. As we spend so much of our time in social settings, we are constantly wearing this mask of the ego, in fact, we rarely ever find the opportunity to take it off. When we do, we are left at an odds, confusion as to what to make of ourselves without it. Wholeness calls for the re-integration of soul and ego, as we need both to step into fulfilment and enlightenment. the ego self typically consists of our darker natures, inner children and the parts of us that we are under the impression that we have to silence in order to portray a successful and accepted image. Many of us will recently have undergone what is referred to as, ‘the dark night of the soul’, which is a period of confusion and dissolution where everything that we thought we knew to be true, begins to fall apart and we find ourselves feeling lost. When this happens, we are being pulled to assess who it is that we truly are, and what we require outside of social, societal, and parental conditioning. #selflove #poetry #spiritual #writer #souls #poems #darknightofthesoul #ascension


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