Twin Flames and Karmic Attachments. 

  The separation stage/period strengthens the love, and expands the heart. Too many existing bonds with karmic ties can repel the fleeing twin flame. It’s important to mentally, but gently sever cords. Dreams about old karmic situations tend to be a huge signal of existing attachment.You send energy to your twin in this circumstance, of not being fully available. Your twin soul, who is also your mirror, will reflect this unavailability back to you, as they can sense the insincerity. When severing cords with past lovers, soul mates, or karmic attachments it is important not to do so with any negativity, in your heart, or in your mind. Thoughts/comments such as, ‘this person hurt me deeply, I hate them, and do not want anything to do with them’, are not advised. This will direct the energy toward bitterness and ego, not healing and cleansing. Think, ‘I am happy and fulfilled with the role that this person served in becoming my teacher. I accept why they had to enter my life. If you would like to receive further guidance about cord cutting or personalized help, email me via


2 thoughts on “Twin Flames and Karmic Attachments. 

  1. I have recently begun to follow you and have found myself drawn to your information about twin flames because I am almost certain that I may have met mine. How do you know if this is true? Do you do assessments where you are able to identify if someone has met their twin flame or not and if so, I would love to sign up to find out. Thank you greatly for your wise words, I have found so much solice in the message you spread xo

    1. Hello darling, thank you very much for your encouraging words! I do have a twin flame book coming out soon that covers a lot of issues to do with identifying your twin flame. The trouble is, because each Union is so individualistic in nature, general signs and symptoms may not be one size fits all. Also, be very weary of mediums who claim to be able to give you an indefinite answer. I can however offer you a tarot reading which I trust 100% along with an in depth advice – interpretation. If you would like to see what this entails, please visit my page entitled reading samples. If you would like to place a booking after, just message me via Blessed be my darling.

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