A love through the ages. 

  “I think that loving somebody through the ages, holding a huge space for them in your heart, over the years, is the most honourable and beautiful thing, that you can do in love. For love. You are saying that, it does not matter how the web weaves itself, it does not matter what has happened, what happens, or what we say, I adore you, I am willing to watch with you, as we grow, as I grow, even whilst we are apart from one another. This is the true definition of loving somebody’s soul, you honour their growths. They do not have a blurred version of who you are, neither do you have to ask around to find their mind. You have seen their growth, in the lime light, you have watched them throw theirselves into the shadows, and there are no misty eyed glasses that usually belong to couples who have just met, and are getting to know one another.        

 There is no fear of not being loved, of not being accepted, because this person has accepted you In your entirety. They have sat with you through your darknesses, and caught you in a glimpse in your weakest moments, wearing no face. This is the love that says I honour your soul, I seek refuge in your heart, and I understand that your mind calls many paths, some leading away from me. You have to know that love is about growth, not stagnancy. The one that you love will know their darkness through the years, as much as you, and you will come to know it well.

 Love is as much about individuality, as it is about connectivity. For somebody to know, I mean truly to know, and appreciate what it means to be at home, they will have had to have been away from
Home. They must know the feeling of other houses, maybe with similar warmth, even vague familiarity, and then they must know that these places do not strike them at the heart, in the same ways that they have been struck by you, home. Some people have a journey that requires immense growth, and exploration to know who they are, and to find their truest path – the path that leads to home.  

 This does not mean that this person is inherently selfish, or even intending to hurt you. This simply means that this is a person on a journey to self discovery, a person with an unfathomable amount of energy, promise, and worry. This person knows that they are somehow special, different, but they do not know why. It is their duty to search for their earnings, and it is the duty of the one who honours loves, and honours souls, to allow them to do so. There is something most divine and immaculate about a love that grows through the years, that watches itself grow and evolve, whilst two souls come to know themselves through it, come to know their capacity to love, receive, forgive, and undergo a constant cycle of death, and rebirth, and renewal, and reform. All roads lead to home, yet first they must pierce the soul, upon the road.” 
Cindy Anneh-bu. All pieces published on this site are original pieces belonging to the owner of this blog. There will be no copying of individuals parts of pieces, or similar actions that may breach copy right. Any work that is shared and used on other sites, must contain the full name of the article holder, and a reference back to this blog.


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