The twin flame thing. ‘Book Sample’. 

     People often ask me during consultation of requesting a reading, ‘how do I know whether I have truly found my twin flame?’ And I feel as this is a very important question, as not only are twin flames quite rare, but there are also a large variety of spiritual type of connections that we may confuse with a twin flame symptom. Also, one of the more alarming issues with falsely declaring somebody as your twin flame is, this tends to become an excuse or defence of those who are generally undergoing abusive, and or co-dependent relationships. The twin ‘separation’ stage, is not to be confused with somebody who has you running around in circles, frequently toying with your emotions, and giving you mixed signals. It is VERY possible during the separation stage to have brief, harmonious encounters, or subtle expressions of love and appreciation here and there, in fact, it is pretty likely. The separation stage will never involve intentional hurts, nor abusive name calling. True twin flames cannot stand to put themselves or their twins in this level of discomfort. You will know when you have finally found your twin if the separation stage, whilst crippling and excruciating, also brings you some level of comfort, awareness of oneness, and the desire to grow and perform to your highest potential. The truthful objective of this Union is to bring you into your highest state of being. No other ‘separation’ in any other union will bring such simultaneous pain, and bliss. –        

  my twin flame book will be available for purchase next month. – Cindy Anneh-bu. #twinflames #poetry #poems #writer #spiritual #love #romance #empaths #universe


4 thoughts on “The twin flame thing. ‘Book Sample’. 

  1. Hi Cindy,
    I will buy the book. I enjoy reading your posts.
    I have met my twin I believe. My chakras activated when I saw her eyes and I received messages from spirit or my higher self.
    I soon worked out I was a medium. Interestingly it is mediums that meet their twins from what i see in research. After all it’s a spiritual experience.


    1. Hello Mark, it’s great to hear from a fellow twin flame, and yes, I can vouch for those twin flame symbols, especially the eyes! And thank you for clearing up one of the topics I discuss within the book, twin flames are very rare, and usually specific and typical of healers, shaman, empaths, however you wish to label them. I look forward to you reading the book upon release, do hope that you enjoy! Blessed be.

      1. Hi Cindy,
        Thank you so much for what you have said.
        Confusing times for me. I made a prediction based on what happened when I ran into her, when it started to happen, I panicked.
        “What is this? What is happening?”
        I’ve tried to talk to her, she is scared. I’ve read her body language. It’s up to me to change it. I know this, I’m the spiritual twin.
        I just don’t want to scare her.
        But I feel if I tell her what I think we are, the answer is in her heart 🙂

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