A woman like myself. 

   And I am so pleased, and filled with glee, to be a woman like myself. Yes, I am occasionally bothered by thoughts of outter beauty, so I will scrutinise my self, and I will pat down my hair, and I will tug on my clothes, but I am consumed by things far more intricate that help my growth, and my how I have grown. Only the heavens should know. And, I am so pleased to be a woman like myself, with so much light, and love, and promise, that they call me bewitched, I am in love with persons and things, and I will never hurt them, and I only bring love, and healing to those whom surround me. I am that I am, because I do not know how to be anything less. I have many times risen from the ashes of the fire, but never this way, never to stay, a butterfly, gliding by, brushing past the leaves, and feeling the breeze beneath my wings. I love the woman that I am, she is so compassionate, sensitive, raw, and perfectionist. She knows, that the only truth in life is the knowledge that we hold, and the way that we ignite others souls.  – Cindy Anneh-bu #poetry #poet #poems #writer #creativewriting #spilledink #art


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