New moon in libra; what’s in store for us all? 

   Alas! We can all finally exhale after holding in our breath for what felt like forever during retrograde! No doubt, last months Mercury retrograde period was tough, very tough, on us, energetically, emotionally, and mentally. This is the time when thoughts that had been circling around our mind became intensified, we were given the opportunity to see areas that required polishing, and nourishing, and we were thrown into the deep end, to accomplish everything we could, as fast as we could, and to tie up all of the loose ends. This period was particularly difficult for twin flames, blue ray twins, who will have caught themselves once again obsessively day dreaming of their twin and in desperate need to make contact, (if having undergone a separation period). I would just like to take the time to reach out to those who did not succumb to this pressure, and temptation with a HUGE well done! This is not to say that one should completely ignore or remove their twins from their lives, (impossible anyway), but chances are, this energy of intensity, and yearning would have probably only further pushed the ‘running’ twin away, and would also have been indicative of no consideration for their extended mental woes through retrograde either! Yes, if you are a twin flame and you felt the intense longing, and unbearable situation more heavily during retrograde, you were not alone, and your twin felt it too. If your twin flame is a male runner, (as they usually are, embodying masculine energies), then it is no doubt they spent Septembers ascension energies, and retrograde in a deep state of contemplation about their emotions, their short comings, AND about you! The return of the divine feminine has them all dipping into their emotional pools, and finding that perhaps, it is not so scary, or taboo to dig around their emotional past, for insights.  
  With the help of the female twins constant support, energy, and open ended love toward them, they have begun the journey toward healing some of the more stubborn aspects of their shadow selves. They may find themselves embodying the physical essence of a female in dreams, or performing emotional catharsis in their dreams, all ways that they shed the skin of emotional baggage, without necessarily having to cry physical Tears in their waking state, (of which they probably still are not too comfortable with), though this is the kind of emotional purification their emotional body requires! Female twins may find themselves sobbing uncontrollably at specific times, or feeling overwhelmed with emotion. This is the ways that they help their male twin evacuate his pain bodies, as he is only now becoming open to doing so himself, and has much pain stored within him.  

   New moon in Libra: rest, balance, new approach, seed sowing, and new found harmony in self, and others..So Mercury retrograde was heavy on us, Septembers ascension energies were heavy on us, we have completed an accelerated period of karmic work, releasing old patterns, and downloading new codes, and now..we have to get to know ourselves ALL over again. It is time to piece together the smaller fragments of the picture. On the journey to self love, ‘what could I improve about my perceptions?’ Are my perceptions helping me, or hurting me? Retrograde saw us looking outside of ourselves for the reasons we have been unhappy, messy, and stagnant. This provided us with the opportunity to separate ourselves from certain people, places and experiences, that no longer mirrored our highest good. This new moon asks you now..What is it that you are contributing to your own unhappiness? What can you do? What still needs healing?  There is nothing so self loving as putting parts of yourself underneath the microscope. How are you getting in your own ways?  As you are the co creator (along with destiny), of your existence, it is important to identify the ways you sabotage your own abundance. So many times our former negative experiences with others, compel us to develop certain boundaries, defence mechanisms that we think protect us, but really deprive us. Of love, intimacy, closeness, and community building. It is easy to blame the world for short comings.  But blaming the world is not only apart of victim consciousness, it is also self loathing. It dictates that one is powerless. Retrograde had you reminiscing about past loves, and soul mates, and scorning the ways that they hurt you. What about the ways you hurt you? Think about why your vibrations collided with these people in the first place? How are they you? This is the way you implement permanent change. By developing new understanding of your past circumstances, and why they took shape as they did. We will now be arriving at the stage where we acknowledge that each experience serves to teach us, and there is no negative occurrence. 

    We will now be arriving at the stage where we acknowledge that each experience serves to teach us, and there is no negative occurrence. If you are in pain because people have pushed you away whom you care about, consider how you may be pushing yourself, and others away too.  It is no sense downloading a new dimensional energetic structure if you do not take the time to understand how it works, in 3d transactions. Observance. Presence. And consciousness, in all of your waking actions. The ability to step outside of ones self, and catch ones self in a sense, before the ego emerges to take ultimate control. It is no longer time to re-act. We do not want to abide by other people’s actions. We wish to act.. In relation to our own vibrations.
Special note for empaths, twin flames, hypersensitives, INTP’s; I understand that during retrograde you faced and struggled with feeling of self assertiveness and practicing healthy boundaries as you tried to move away from timid and victim consciousness. It is important to not delve too deeply into the opposite side of the spectrum, and to deliver harsh words or judgement. Find a good balance between asserting ones self, and defending yourself, whilst not turning into the very bitter, mean spirits that you seek to protect yourself from. Try to balance your spiritual duty to the world, with your home, work, family, and friendship circles. Balance in well being is key.

Blessed be, sacred souls, 

Cindy ~ 


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