Empath; why does the world reject my love? 

As an aware empath now, I have come to know that just because I, or anybody else for that matter, has a lot of love to share, does not mean that this love is necessarily acceptable, or healthy. Many imbalanced empaths will find that people reject their outward displays of self perceived appreciation, and romantic advances of love and affection, so why is this you might ask? Well, there is something very repellent about a love that only wants to love you to be loved in return, you get my drift? Imagine the feeling of energy behind the falsity of ‘niceness’. It is not that these empaths are generally not nice, and typically they do genuinely wish to extend their care for this person, but they just tend to become a little manipulative in doing so. This is not however inherent in the empath, and is more likely to do with learned behaviour from one, or more narcissistic parents/individuals that the empath has picked up on growing up. These empaths never think that the person on the receiving end may be exposed or aware of the insincerity behind their gestures, (as they too are quite unaware on the surface), and thus usually find themselves feeling quite upset, rejected, and vulnerable after their emotional needs and requirements have not been met. These are some of the smaller things that convince the empath that they truly are unworthy, unlovable, and under – appreciated.

  Imbalanced empaths have this way of forcing their love down the throats of others, in order to make themselves feel more adequate, displaying co-dependent, obsessive, and in many cases manipulative behaviours. The good news is, this can all be unravelled, as the empath becomes conscious of their actions, patterns and behavioural models. It is important to note that these people do not refrain from accepting the empaths love because they do not see value in the empath, but rather because the empaths actions are indicative of somebody who does not see value in themselves.

Blessed be, Cindy ~

For guidance to oneness and well being as an empath, contact me via cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk

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