Abundance and finance. 

   “A lot of us have money blockages that are deterring our abundance and flow of energies associated with financial funds. This may sound fictitious, and especially ludicrous, but yes! It is very true, a lot of us do hold money blockages that render us unable to receive blessings and expansion in this way. Just like everything that exists in this universe, money is energy. Many of us, (particularly on the spiritual path), have fixed ourselves in the belief that money is the root of all evil, or that money is entirely unnecessary as it is simply a 3d invention, and holds no place in spirituality. This is typical of the old archetypal model we associate with spirituality, and modesty that may be attributed to messengers such as Christ himself, and in popular culture, Bob Marley. Whilst, it is true that money can be traced back to a lot of the current displacement and disorientation of most of the world we live in today, we must take into account whom is responsible for the ways money has been manipulated and used as a sinister weapon. It is the energy and the intention behind the use of money that denotes if in fact there are any evils present. Money itself is not inherently evil. How can it be evil when it is merely of exchangeable value. It belongs to none of us, as soon as we get it, we are sure in the knowledge that we will be trading it soon, only for it to be traded back to us, and thus the cycle continues. The truth is, we need money in this world to survive, no matter how we wish to look at it. It is important not to get caught up in the superficiality and materialism of life, but that will determine the holder, and their mentality of the money and the security or insecurity within themselves, and not the money itself. Money blockages are also formed under the basis of low self esteem. If one feels that they are undeserving, then they feel this on all levels, extending to all things of any value – particularly including money. One who thinks that they are not worth the cycle of exchange, will set up mental and energetic barriers, that separate themselves from money. Money can very well be a positive thing.. In order to travel, gain new experience, spoil your family members and loved ones, eat healthily, and endorse self love, the chances are that you are going to need some spare change. If you have been experiencing trouble attracting a significant portion of money lately, or are stuck in a money rut, it is time to reassess the ways that you view yourself and money. Perhaps believing in yourself a little more..as always, my guides have inspired me to write this message as they felt that it was needed by some.”


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