Mental health, an alternative perspective. 

Tips for alleviating depression 🌷 1. Monitor your levels of solitude. Infrequent solitude and self reflection is heavily advised for self progression, but as research has shown the benefits of strong and healthy social connections are more vital to our well being than we could have ever imagined. Naturally, humans are social creatures and our development is dependent on the ties that we build around us, both for comfort and protection. Though depression often strips your ability to enjoy social settings or even find appeal in interacting with others, it is absolutely vital to dedicate as much time as you can to the company of others, particularly those who do not suffer from depression also. As we take on the vibrations of those closest to us, mingling with positive or up-beat people could also have a large impact on the way we feel about ourselves and the world.
2. Keep a journal. Documenting your thoughts, feelings and ideas is a sure way to keep on track with the things that trigger and enhance your depressive moods. Often, when we are in a state of self loathing, we do not stop to pay attention to the thoughts that we are feeding ourselves, where they come from, and what it is that they truly mean. We usually become so overwhelmed by the energy that accompanies them, that we fail to truly assess the nature of them, and what they reveal about ourselves. For instance, recurring thoughts such as, ‘nobody loves me’, may easily slip into the subconscious in a state of self pity. However, when broken down and analysed  through documentation, one can come to rationalise that the very concept of being loved by absolutely nobody, is both  ludicrous and inconceivable. 

3. Pay attention to your surroundings. What many mistake to be depression, is in fact a stagnancy of environment. Either being in the presence of somebody who exhibits low vibrational energy, or being directly under the influence of an ‘energy vampire’.  The term energy vampire stems from a persons ability to inconspicuously draw energy from you, through their words or their actions, whilst fuelling their own lack of substantial energy. 

I have made it pretty clear in a lot of my works that I view western philosophy and often medical diagnosis as a contradiction of what is actually spiritual interference. If you would like to know more check out my posts on Native American spiritual philosophy.. In other words, anxiety is merely the interpretation of external energy, in the spiritual society, we call this being an empath. Now we all know western philosophy has no place for spiritualism outside of Christianity, and science fast replaced spiritual diagnosis in the ‘new world’. Words hold so much power. Thoughts hold so much power. If you convince somebody that they are sick, by diagnosing them as sick, and suppressing them with medicine, sure enough they do become sick, and the very medicine used to ‘cure’ them, will repress any metaphysical gifts that they possess.. I will leave you all to ponder this. For more, visit my blog, where I regularly discuss this theory. #souls #spiritual #mentalhealth #mentalillness #anxiety #empath #universe #indigos #starseeds #lightworkers #consciousness

#mentalhealth #writer

Cinderella Anneh-bu.


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