My strange fascination with the horror genre. 

   Sleepy hollow 1999 (the legend of the headless horseman). Everybody who knows me knows that I am an absolute horror fanatic! And the biggest one at that, give me anything, I’m talking insidious, what lies beneath, the others, a haunting in Connecticut, or a little more old school with, ‘candy man’, I live for these films in every sense of the word. Well, I wouldn’t be much of a mystic if I didn’t now would I? And I don’t know about you, but I have never truly regarded ‘slasher’ films as horror movies, nor alien sci-fi films. They just do not have that scare factor for me! I mean if a man with a knife or an axe is chasing you, you just call the police, or call your cousin from the hood right? Haha, but honestly, this film really stuck out to me in younger years as an amazing horror film.. As Halloween (my favourite holiday season looms), I was wondering, what are some of your favourite horror films? #horror #horrorfilms #scary #horroraddict #horrormovies #halloween
To check out my own horror story, visit my whatpadd @cinderellah20


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