Return to order, a mystical, natural perspective. 

   A return to pre-industrial, indigenous, herbalist existence. That is what i preach. Once, the earth was in a state of balance and harmony with its inhabitants and itself. Man lived in humility to nature and the will of the earth, working with the animals and the elements almost as if their mere survival was dependent on their working in unison – and there it was. Their very survival was dependent on how well they, as a species could live in co-operation, in one rhythm, one motion with the earths tunes. People called them primitive. Why it was uncivilized to ‘worship’ the land as they phrased it. Mere nonsensical to look to the stars and to the skies from which we were born for answers. To survive off the land, and not technological assistance or interference. Simple living, I call it. Purity, and nature. Communities, not envy, lack of empathy, or greed. Man existed as man should..only to one day be shaken to their very core by beliefs and practices that swarmed in from far north. That these ways of living were barbaric, non progressive, and unconstitutional to the ‘new world’ that was emerging. One of patriarchal, capitalistic and anti indigenous culture. Many perceive that it began with the transatlantic slave trade, some say it began with colonialism (African,Aboriginal,Native American), but truthfully speaking, the war on indigenous cultures and their ways of both living and knowing, have been under threat for much longer than we can perceive. #poetry #writing #spiritual #indigenous #culture #herbalist #nomadic #agricultural


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